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Accept the companys requirements

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The international intern project seeks to cooperate with the regular and legitimate companies in China to carry out overseas business.

A company that plans to carry out overseas business

Trade, market, management, engineering priority has priority for the organization of international interns' experience

International intern project internship request

Fill in the form of the project cooperation agency (both Chinese / English).

The person in charge of the foreign intern is arranged to communicate and coordinate the intern work with the international intern project group.

Provide a comfortable office environment and complete office equipment.

After determining the acceptance of international interns, a written confirmation is made.

Provide materials for other training.

Arrange the interns to participate in the related business activities as much as possible.

Provide subsidies according to the performance of interns:

The subsidy is traffic allowance, meal supplement and some daily expenses.The amount of the subsidy should be made according to the living standard of the city and the specific job of the post.

After the internship, the intern program was jointly evaluated by the international intern project group. (the assessment report is a unified template issued by the international interns project group)

International intern project work flow 1. Cooperation with employers:

Take the initiative to discuss the situation of the project and discuss the cooperation.

Employers know international interns through websites and other channels.

Preparation of application materials by the employer: copy of a copy of the business license of a brief introduction of Chinese and English enterprises (business enterprise)

Please send the electronic version to:

The international intern project group visited the cooperative enterprise and interviewed the head of the intern.

2, confirm the cooperation. After confirming the cooperation, the parties signed the contract, and the international intern project began to recommend the intern for the enterprise.

3. Bi-directional recommendation.

The international interns project team recommends students to the cooperative organization.

Audits of the cooperation agency: the cooperative organization preliminarily examines intern qualification through the application form of interns.

The international intern project team can help arrange online / offline interviews with a higher requirement and subsidies for an internship position.4, interns come to China according to the final coordinated schedule of several parties and begin to study and practice in China.

5. International intern project training

Chinese training: the basic Chinese training is a month. If the company has special requirements, please sort out related materials, such as business topics, etc., and give them to the project team ahead of time, so that teachers can prepare lessons.

Other training: in addition to language other training, such as vocational training, international interns project group can give support and cooperation, please inform the specific needs in advance.

6. Interns assessment

After the beginning of the internship, the project team contacted and communicated with the interns appointed by the cooperative internship monthly, and monitored the work of interns from the aspects of attendance and performance.

The cooperative organization and the international intern project group jointly completed the intern performance assessment report to interns to make the final assessment of the interns.

7. The end of the internship

The interns fill in the feedback form and prepare for the return.

Interns are extended or transferred to formal employees. The international intern project will be transferred to the cooperative organization.

According to the practice situation, ahead of schedule (usually for interns near the end of the previous two months, according to the wishes of the enterprise and the application, the project team began to arrange a new intern) new intern to work, take the end of the internship students internship positions, to protect and enterprise learning tasks.

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