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Enterprise name: Wuxi Mandarin Education School

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How to receive interns

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Why do I receive international interns from the project?

It is beneficial to develop overseas markets to help international market research and to understand the current situation in a timely manner.

Using its own resources to develop overseas channels.

Help make English propaganda materials.

Rapid promotion of international image and competitiveness of the industry.

Promoting publicity and promotion to the outside world

Help to formulate propaganda and planning for the international market.

Using foreign language advantages to write authentic foreign correspondence. Solve the problems of communication and coordination in foreign work.

Strengthening the internal vitality of the organization

Improve the degree of internationalization of the team.

Open the eyes and ideas of the team. Improve team activity and enhance team creativity. The cost saving employer is generally only responsible for the living allowance.

Help train employees and improve their foreign language proficiency. What can a project do? Recommend talent. A targeted international intern that recommends meeting the needs of the employment agency. Through the global web site release of the introduction of employers and interns to recruit information.

Initial coordination. It helps the employers and the interns to carry out the initial coordination, so that the two sides will work together as soon as possible.

Language training. Professional language training for foreign interns before internship.

Supervision and assistance. During the internship, we can understand and supervise the performance of international interns at any time. Assist in handling emergencies and problems associated with international interns.

7/24 life service. Help solve international interns' accommodation, visa, living, insurance, travel and so on.

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