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As an American Chinese and Chinese training teacher, you will hold three years of cultural exchange visas in primary and secondary schools in the United States as a full-time teacher. As a participant in the project, you will share Chinese culture and language with American students, so as to broaden their understanding of the world.

In the process of teaching in the United States, in order to enable you to play an important role in students, we will provide you with many preparatory measures and support, such as vocational teacher training courses, online community support and teacher guidance.

Our teacher benefits include:

• full-time positions

Competitive remuneration

• interest free resettlement loans

• travel to the United States

• international certificate assessment and certification

• provide you with a visa guarantee

Provide visa guarantees for your family

Participation in training in the United States

• provide health and life insurance

• paid holidays and festivals

• have a chance to get a master's degree

Application conditions:

1, high comprehensive quality, ambitious to devote himself to Chinese teaching.

2, the age is not limited, men and women are not limited. Good health, good appearance, decent style, dedication and dedication;

3, 2 years and above full time teaching experience.

4, strong English basic and oral, listening and speaking ability.

5, teachers majoring in Chinese, English education, teaching Chinese as a foreign language and language education, primary education, pre school education (must be a bachelor's degree or above). Autoditacte graduation, correspondence, TVU, adult part-time can not apply for.

6, it is necessary to provide transcripts of 4 courses in education, educational psychology, English teaching and modern education technology.

7. The Putonghua is tested in accordance with the requirements, and the National Putonghua certificate is given priority.

8, it can be planned to serve as a 2-5 year teacher's deadline in the United States.

9, effective driving license must be held.

* obtaining the National Certificate of teacher qualification and the qualification certificate of the international Chinese teachers are preferred.

Salary treatment:

1, the minimum salary is $30800 a year. An American public school salary reference appendix.

2, enjoy an interest free resettlement loan and bank account (after arriving in the United States, provide an interest free resettlement loan of $2250 and assist in the opening of a bank account).

3. Work visa.

4, enjoy the local welfare benefits, legal holidays.

Work 8 hours a day, work 5 days a week, rest on Saturday and day. The same as the on-the-job teachers in the public schools in the United States. Normal winter vacation and summer vacation. During the Christmas vacation for three weeks, the summer vacation is at the beginning of June to mid August.

The teacher visa can be multiple trips, summer vacation can be returned to visit or stay in the United states.

5, the school provides insurance and medical care, with paid annual leave.

6, family members can apply for a J-2 visa to the United States, and children over 4 can attend public schools in the United States free of charge. The spouse can work in the United States by applying for the work permit of the United States.

7, provide one way ticket.

Contract of employment: one sign each year, whether the contract renewal is decided by the Korean educational institution and direct consultation with me.

Workplace: public schools in the United States government (middle and primary schools)


Subsidiary benefits:

Visa security education and certification by the U.S. government, we formally designated as the "communication project sponsor", provide a guarantee for teachers' cultural exchange visa. We will also help you to obtain the educational certification of the host country.

You and your family's health insurance, the U.S. government requires all J-1 visa holders and any J-2 visas are required to purchase the family health insurance and accident insurance. We provide health welfare programs to meet the needs of international visiting teachers.

I rushed to the United States to teach in the United States in the first year, you will get a plane ticket to fly to the United states.

Interest free loans and bank account settlement "after you arrive in the United States, we provide interest free loans to a monthly repayment. With this loan, you will be able to pay for the initial cost, such as an apartment deposit. Teachers can also choose interest free loans in second and third years. In addition, we will also help you open a bank account when you have just arrived in the United States.

The local support plan "by the local consultant consultant has some outstanding teacher to participate in this project for two or three years, they will help you when you just arrived in the United States to adapt to the new school life and the surrounding environment. The local consultant will help you arrange the temporary residence. They will also recommend long-term homes for you to choose, and to arrange social gatherings so that you can meet new friends.

"We emergency support for teachers to provide all-weather support. In the daytime, you can call or send email to our teacher support staff. If there is an emergency in non office hours, you can contact our staff through an emergency hotline. The hotline is open for 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

I rushed to the United States in training before, you need to complete the online training before departure. After arriving in the United States, you will take part in induction training. Through this training, you will meet new teachers from all over the world and understand the situation of living and working in the US.

Master degree and occupation development. And we have the prestigious American universities cooperation, you can pursue these schools in teaching at the same time, the master's degree. Teachers can also participate in the free career development conference sponsored by our institutions. These meetings were convened to help the first year of the first year of teachers in the United States.

Educators from your community website. This project was accepted at the moment, you have become a member of our community education workers. You will get the latest project information and can communicate with other teachers. Our services include online instructive support, lesson plan database, classified ads that help you find shelter and roommate information, directory and message boards for all teachers.

Please note: we will modify and improve service and welfare regularly. Therefore, the above content will be changed at any time without prior notice.

Appendix: a salary reference table for public schools in the United States

  Year of Experience             Annual Salary(10 months)     12 Monthly Installments





































Go to overseas Chinese teachers to deal with the process

The qualification review, interview language (on-site or network interview), and to arrange the interview of foreign contracted locution, and foreign officials signed an employment contract, data preparation, visa to teach overseas


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