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The Minister of education Chen Baosheng: do the people satisfied with the education to send 4

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The Minister of education Chen Baosheng: do the people satisfied with the education to send 4

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On the morning of October 22nd, the nineteen news centers held fifth press conferences. The party secretary and Minister Chen Baosheng of the Ministry of education, together with the head of the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of housing, urban and rural construction and the national health and Family Planning Commission, introduced the situation of meeting the new expectations of the people, ensuring the improvement of people's livelihood, and answering reporters' questions.

What new changes have taken place in the eighteen major education? What is the content of a string of "red envelopes" to be sent to the people? What are the three "yinggutou" education? What will China's education like in 2049? Come and come to the scene with the little editor to hear what Chen Baosheng said.

What is the Chinese training content introduced by Minister Chen Baosheng?

Reporter friends, everybody. First of all, on behalf of all the educators in the education system, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the friends who have long been concerned about, loving and supporting the development of education.

Education is a very important project for the people's livelihood. Since the eighteen Party's Congress, our education has made great progress. Xi Jinping's general secretary has fully affirmed the development of education since eighteen. He said that education has developed in an all-round way, and education in the Midwest and rural areas has been obviously strengthened. These two words, in front of a general judgment, behind as a fill short board, focus of policy tilt. With the addition of the two sentences, the development of the eighteen major education has been highly summarized. The comrades in the educational front were encouraged by the general judgment and evaluation.

The change shows at a few points:

First, these five years are the most distinctive five years of Chinese characteristics of education. We adhere to and strengthen the leadership of the party in educational work, guide the educational front firmly and establish four consciousnesses, strengthen and improve ideological and political work, and vigorously carry forward the socialist core values. We take this as a basic project to guide students in education to establish a correct view of history, nationalism, state and culture. The purpose is to consolidate and enhance the strength and integrity of the Chinese people.

Second, these five years are the five years of accelerating the modernization of education. I give you the number of three aspects:

One is the guarantee of education. In five years, the investment in education has broken through the 3 trillion yuan pass by two trillion yuan and is heading for the 4 trillion yuan. The country's investment in education, which accounted for 4% of GDP in 2012, has persisted in 4% in the last five years.

Second, the Internet access at all levels of all kinds of schools, more than 20% five years ago, now more than 90%.

Third, the major achievements of the education system have been awarded the proportion of three awards in the country. The five years have been stable over 2/3, which provides strong support for improving teaching quality.

In addition, in the past five years, a total of nearly eighty million college and secondary vocational graduates have been trained and transported, and the total amount of human capital has been greatly improved. This is a great and powerful support for the implementation of the innovation driven strategy.

Third, these five years are the five years of the people's increasing sense of education. I also give you a few numbers here.

In the past five years, we have persisted in one of these principles to strengthen the investment in the poor and minority areas in rural areas.

In the past five years, there was no child who had dropped out of school because of family difficulties.

More than 90% of the disabled children enjoy the opportunity to receive education, which is also great.

There are also migrant workers who move to their children, and more than 80% of the children are in the public school, and they can also attend the entrance examination in the inflow field. In 2017, the children enrolled in the college entrance examination and registered 150 thousand people, 36.5 times as much as five years ago.

Over the past five years, we have set up a funding system from kindergarten to university to cover every school section. Children with family difficulties can go to school through the funding system. Gansu student called Wei Xiang this year, the Hebei examinee Pang expectations, through the rural special plan was admitted to the Tsinghua University.

Fourth, these five years are the five years in which the international influence of China's education has been strengthened. Now more than 180 countries and regions have established educational cooperation relations with our country, and 47 countries and regions have signed a mutual recognition agreement with our country. In addition, we established 516 Confucius institutes and more than 1000 primary and secondary schools in more than 140 countries, which played an important role in the teaching of Chinese and the spread of Chinese culture. Now China has become the third largest country in the world and the largest destination country for studying abroad.

Finally, these five years are the five years of the deepening of educational reform. A number of landmark education, leading the reform scheme has been introduced, the new system of "education eight - column four - beam" build up, now has entered a whole construction, interior decoration "stage, as the college entrance examination system reform in Shanghai, Zhejiang this fall, the third party evaluation of success.

These are the five features of our five years. The nineteen report proposes that after a long period of efforts, with the entry of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era, the major contradictions of our society have changed, and have been transformed into the contradiction between the growing demand for better life and the unbalanced development of the people. Next, our task is to study the forms of imbalanced education, grasp the main contradictions, respond to the people's new expectation of education, carry out the nineteen spirits and run well the education of people's satisfaction.

What questions did minister Chen Baosheng answer?

Field Quiz 1: Four "red packets" of Education

Central People's radio reporter: I put this question to Minister Chen. We all know that the whole development of China's education in the past five years has been very rapid. From the microscopic point of view, may the students around me a lot of people to the marriage age, many children to kindergarten, for how can a good kindergarten may worry, this anxiety is likely to remain in his whole school, even to higher education. Macroscopically, we see such data, China's education is up to the middle level in the world. What do you think of this position? In addition, in order to get more children to be able to learn, what is the future of the Ministry of education in the future? Thank you

Minister Chen Baosheng: Thank you. You caught me at the moment. As you just said, in the past five years, Chinese education has indeed reached a great step. The three sentence has undergone a comprehensive change and has made historic achievements.

What does it mean to enter the ranks of the world? It means that Chinese education is big, the skeleton is strong, the beauty is high, and the position is in front. It's big, that is, we have more than 2.6 million students every year. The framework is strong, that is to say, we have made great progress in the adjustment of our educational structure. The layout of the region has made progress in fairness and has improved in quality. The beauty is high, that is to say, our human resources training ability has been greatly improved than before, and the achievement of teaching has been greatly improved than before. In the world, China's education is in the middle and upper ranks. On the subject, some disciplines have entered the world first-class level, some university ranking in the world rankings in the ascension of the whole. Last year, the media found that the overall arrangement of universities in China was suddenly raised, and the range was very large, which was the result of our years of education and development.

There are four words in the development of these years, but it does not mean that our education has been able to fully meet the needs of the people. In the past, people wanted to go to school, and now people want to go to school. This is the main form of expression of the main contradictions and changes pointed out in the nineteen major reports.

You have just talked about your colleagues and children around the kindergarten, facing the difficulties of entering the garden and getting into the garden. At the stage of compulsory education, we hope that children can go to a good school, which appears the so-called "school selection fever", and the emergence of a low age "study tide". In high school, it is hoped that the new labor force will be more acceptable to the high school education, because it is too important for the economic development of a country. Higher education hopes to learn well, good discipline, good professional, people's needs have taken place a quality transformation, which is the problem that we are facing at present.

How do you solve these problems? According to the nineteen spirit, the general requirement is to build a powerful education country, speed up the modernization of education, and make the people satisfied with the education. The general task is to fully implement the party's education policy, the implementation of the fundamental task of the development of quality education, moral education, promote education fairness, cultivate all-round development of socialist builders and successors dezhitimei. The overall tone of the policy is to tilt to the rural areas, tilt to the weak schools, tilt to the poor areas and tilt to the difficult groups.

The key work is to put education in the position of priority development, which is said by the general secretary in the report. The two is to promote the integrated development of compulsory education in urban and rural areas. Three is to improve the vocational education and training system, deepen the integration of production and education, school enterprise cooperation. The four is to enable the vast majority of new urban and rural labor force to receive high school education and receive more higher education, which is very important for us to get out of the middle-income trap. The five is to improve the quality of teachers in the whole society, advocated respecting. The six is to improve the funding system, and never let a child lose his school because of family difficulties. Seven is to build a life-long education system, to do a good job of continuing education. It is the construction of a great country, a learning society, and the improvement of the quality of the people. The overall idea is that, I just order one problem.

These have been implemented, and we have sent a string of "red envelopes" to the common people:

The first "red envelope", by 2020, our preschool education (kindergarten) has a gross enrollment rate of 85%, now 77.4%, and inclusive kindergartens account for more than 80% of kindergartens, now 60%.

Second "red packets", compulsory education stage, mainly is balanced development, standardized development, integrated development, and strive to resolve the "hot school choice" and "big class size". By 2020, the size of the large class must be completely eliminated. In order to solve the problem of overburden of students' academic burden, it is particularly important to solve the problem of reducing the burden of the school and increasing the burden on the outside of the school.

Third "red envelopes", the comprehensive popularization of high school education. We are playing high school, and by 2020, the gross enrollment rate of high school is more than 90%. The gross enrolment rate for higher education is 50%, now 42.7%. What is the concept of reaching 50%? That is to say that higher education is basically universal.

Fourth "red envelopes" for the teachers. The construction of teacher team is very important to improve the quality of education and train qualified builders and successors. Therefore, we should study and introduce the suggestions to strengthen the construction of the teachers' team, formulate relevant policies and measures, and mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers to engage in education.

Thank you

Two live: three "yinggutou education"

CCTV, Chinese International TV reporter: we see in the nineteen report which comes to protect and improve people's livelihood has a word, "child education, education, employment, medical and old-age care, and housing, to help the weak". It should be said that this sentence is related to some of the ministers on the stage, and it is also related to all aspects of our livelihood. The ministers opinion, what is the most hard?

Minister Chen Baosheng: the two problems are very important. As you said, "yinggutou", I have three bones":

The first is hard, I just talked about, three years preschool education, gross enrollment rate should reach 85%, inclusive kindergarten accounted for up to 80%. This is hard, why? Even if the two targets have been reached, the difficulties of entering the garden and the cost of entering the garden can not be solved at all. Also, after the second birth, there are many new born children every year.

Second "bones", is the stage of compulsory education kongchuo Bao xue. In particular, in ethnic areas and in remote and poverty-stricken areas, some students have voluntarily lost their school. They are not interested in and do not learn. How to solve these problems according to the law of compulsory education, let him interested in learning, the compulsory education consolidation rate increased to 95%, is now 93.4%, this is a big "yinggutou".

Third "bones", to the system of college entrance examination system in 2020 to establish the Chinese characteristics, because this is the baton. We must continue to do the work in this area and build up the system, which will lead to a series of measures of institutional reform.

Field question and answer three: Chinese education in 2049

Singapore Lianhe Zaobao reporter: the nineteen major reports outlined the "second one hundred years" target, said that in 2049 how to achieve China. Would you ask the ministers to imagine what happens to 2049 in the specific areas you are responsible for, education, housing, and so on? Thank you

Minister Chen Baosheng: the question you put forward is very interesting. Looking to the future is an art, and of course it can also show our confidence and expectations. In terms of education, what would it be like when the new China was set up by 100th anniversary in 2049? The Chinese education in 2049, in my mind, has so many features:

First, in 2049, China's education will be stable in the center of world education, leading the trend of the development of world education. What does that mean? That is to say, by that time, China's standards will be the standard of the world.

Second, China will become the most favorite destination country in the world. Every country will have communication and integration with Chinese culture, and learn to share with China's development experience teachers and students to communicate with China, and achieve common progress in the process of communication.

Third, the rules of the development of the world education, China has a greater right to speak. We will do our best to provide the Chinese plan and the wisdom of China.

Fourth, the Chinese version of the textbook, Chinese pronunciation of the teaching materials, can go to the world.

This is the 2049 in my mind. As for the people in our country at that time, they were able to fully maintain their educational rights and interests, and the good needs of education could be satisfied, and they could move towards the goal of free and all-round development. Thank you

Live four: "reform the basic introduction of the four beams eight columns"

China education television station, China education network television station reporter: there is a question to ask the Minister of Chen Baosheng. At the beginning of the meeting you said the education system of our country has formed a "reform plan of the four beams eight columns", education reform has entered the comprehensive construction, interior decoration "stage. This year, the office of the State Office issued "on deepening reform of the education system and mechanism of the opinions", education reform is a very difficult thing, the next step on the reform of the education system and mechanism is what kind of consideration, what kind of measures will be introduced?

Minister Chen Baosheng: Thank you for your attention to the reform of education. In response to your question, I want to say three concepts. Education reform and other reforms are different and have its special rules.

First, educational reform, like education, is a slow variable. Why is it a slow variable? After the start of a reform, it will take at least three years to come to the ground, because it takes at least three years for the new students to graduate at least.

Second, every measure of educational reform is directly related to people. In fact, it is a person's reform, which is very important.

Third, education reform is very comprehensive, involving all aspects. Schools, society, families, principals, teachers, students and parents are concerned about the evaluation criteria.

So I want to say, is the top-level design, now the education reform in the management system how to manage the office of the state office documents "on deepening the reform of the education system and mechanism of opinions" have been introduced. I have just introduced the reform of the college entrance examination system, which has already been introduced. How to change the selective education in the high school stage, around the quality change, the high school stage development strategy has already been introduced. In the compulsory education stage, according to the compulsory education law, around the balanced development and the development of urban and rural integration, the reform measures of improving quality, reducing academic burden and changing exam oriented education have been promulgated. The reform programme for preschool education has also been developed. These are top-level designs, from preschool to higher education, and each section has a general design, and the central government has approved it.

On the other hand, China's education cooperation and exchanges with other countries and the central government also issued documents. This is also the important content of reform and the content of education opening to the outside world. These measures are currently in practice, which is a concept, top level design. "The four beams eight columns" reform measures are the basic introduction, I mean this.

The two concepts have already entered the stage of "comprehensive construction" and "interior decoration". "Comprehensive construction" means that the educational reform programs are now being implemented and are in good progress. The "interior decoration" means that some progress faster, in the leading position, such reforms have started the "interior decoration", such as the college entrance examination enrollment system reform, three years has landed, and now we focus on the problems in the process of the pilot to improve and solve. Steady hoof walked quickly, put our education reform forward, for the modernization of education, provides the system safeguard for the construction of education. Thank you

(October 22, 2017 was critical of Education)

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