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Korean media: Korean and Korean enterprise sector are in contact, will once again swept Chinese!

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Korean media: Korean and Korean enterprise sector are in contact, will once again swept Chinese!

Date of release:2017-11-17 00:00 Source: Click:

With China and South Korea as soon as possible to promote exchanges and cooperation in all fields as soon as possible, return to the normal track of development.


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With China and South Korea as soon as possible to promote exchanges and cooperation in all fields as soon as possible, return to the normal track of development. At present, the Korean culture and entertainment industry is in contact with Chinese enterprises in Korean training, which is expected to be discussed next year.

According to South Korea's "Asian economy", due to the "Saad" factor, the release of Korean films in China has been interrupted, and the "Sino Korean film and television industry has recently started secret contact". The film, which is about to be released on 20 next month, has been consulted with the importer of China for the import copyright. Two or three Chinese importers have extended their olive branches and are currently negotiating with music entertainment. Another South Korean producers said the day before during the Busan Film Festival and China importers private meeting, both sides believe that the overall atmosphere of good.

It was reported that the TV drama "my goddess my mother", starred by Korean actress Lee Da Hae, had been filmed in China last year, but has not been broadcast. The Lee Da Hae brokerage firm said: "recently, Chinese producers have revealed that the play can be broadcast next year. (we) are talking about the broadcast. "

In addition, the South Korean music world is also looking forward to hold large-scale performances and broadcasts in Chinese. FNC entertainment director of South Korean brokerage company said, "we are consulting on related issues such as singers' practice of student selection, local talent singing talents and so on. South Korean singers will also have an Asian tour in the main cities of China next year. Korean singers have also interacted with Chinese fans through micro-blog, preheating the Chinese market ahead of time.

South Korea has significantly reduced profits from the Korean stream

The Korean cultural products have been subjected to "direct shelling" because of the "Sade" influence, and they are crying. According to Yonhap reported that South Korean bank (central bank) statistics released in September showed that the Korean deployment "Sade" system, South Korea's export of cultural products profit scale Zaocuo, 2017 1-6 December stereo images and related services surplus of $180 million (about 1 billion 179 million yuan) in the first half, as the standard, the is the lowest level since the second half of 2015. On the balance of payments, audio-visual and related services are the most closely related projects, including TV shows, movies, radio, musical plays and other related services, as well as artists' overseas performances.

The figure decreased by $54 million 300 thousand (23.2%), compared with $234 million in the second half of 2016, and a decrease of about $100 million over the first half of 2016. The monthly surplus of $17 million 500 thousand in July was the lowest since September 2015.

It is reported that the revenue and expenditure of the sound image and related services refers to the amount of money charged or paid at the time of import and export music, film and television programs. Previously, South Korean TV plays and films, music and other markets in China and Southeast Asia have been expanding. From 2014 to 2014, the surplus in 2015 increased to $24 thousand and 500, and the first break in 2016 was $500 million, up to $51 thousand. Influenced by "Sade", the cultural activities of Korean flow have been continuously frustrated in China, and South Korea has significantly reduced the profit of the Korean stream.

According to Reuters's 13 November report, the Korean celebrities who had seen the ad endorsement in the streets of China had vanished from Chinese marketing activities, but by the end of the year, the famous Korean actors appeared on the promotional pages of related products.

China has lifted the "limit Korea order"?

For the China whether the government has lifted the ban on the import of informal for "Sade" problem of Korean cultural products take the cultural entertainment industry in the future prospects of cooperation ", foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang November 13th pointed out:" I haven't heard you mention the so-called cultural aspects of the ban, therefore there is no lifting problem. As for the relationship between China and South Korea, China and South Korea leaders just held a meeting in Da Nang, the two sides have made the news. During the meeting, the two sides agreed to overcome obstacles as soon as possible and promote the healthy and stable development of Sino Korean relations. In this spirit, China will work with the Korean side to promote the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides and return to the track of health as soon as possible.

Said the deputy director of press and Publication Administration of Zhang Hongsen the day before, "I noticed that at the Busan International Film Festival just ended, there are lots of Chinese filmmakers figure", "within the business scope of my contact, observed the exchanges and cooperation between China and South Korea many projects are carried out in different degrees."

Zhang Hongsen stressed that cultural exchange is not a commodity transactions or goods in general trade, cultural exchange relates to the wishes of the people, related to the emotional choice. So cultural communication is a temperature exchange, which comes from the people and emotions. People's feelings are interlinked, and cultural exchanges and cooperation will also develop in a positive direction. The depth and breadth of cultural exchanges depend on the temperature of emotions. This issue requires both China and the ROK to confront and think together.

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