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In the upsurge of Chinese graphic foreigners learn to come? The rising trend is still a

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In the upsurge of Chinese graphic foreigners learn to come? The rising trend is still a

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Recently, the daughter of American financial big Rodgers said the video of the Chinese tongue twister swept the whole network. At the beginning of this year, the performance of American president Trump's granddaughter singing Chinese songs was also praised by many Chinese netizens. Is it really coming for foreigners to learn Chinese? Data show that foreigners have learned to learn Chinese, but it is still smaller than the other languages.

According to the national Han office data, the number of examinees in the international Chinese language test (HSK) and other international Chinese examinations has been rising in recent years. The test focuses on the ability of Chinese to communicate as a non first language. In 2016, the number of candidates taking such tests reached 650 thousand, six times more than that of six years ago, and the Chinese language training examination offered by the world has reached 1066.


In the United States, the number of Chinese high school students in the United States has grown rapidly in the past 60 years. According to the Modern Language Association (MLA), the number of senior high school students involved in Chinese education in 2013 was nearly 90 times as high as that in 1960. In 2017, 1145 American high schools have opened Chinese teaching classes, accounting for 6.4% of all high schools in foreign language teaching. This trend also appears in some other Asian languages. At the same time, the number of Spanish language learners declined in 2013, but remained the position of the "chief foreign language".

Is this change related to the American Chinese community? It is true that this factor should exist. If the number of States and compared with the number of Chinese high school Chinese of the two data, California, Texas and New York also appeared in two of the top five.

In Europe, the proportion of Chinese high school students in Europe is not high compared to other foreign languages. Chinese is still a small language. The highest proportion of learning Chinese among countries also accounts for only about 1% of the total number of foreign language learning, such as France and Sweden.

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