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National spoken language proficiency test to achieve global remote network testing

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National spoken language proficiency test to achieve global remote network testing

Date of release:2018-06-06 00:00 Source: Click:

China News Agency, Tianjin, December, 22 (reporter Zhang Daozheng) with the help of cloud platform, big data and other advanced technologies, the national spoken Chinese Proficiency Test implemented the global remote network test. "Hello, Chinese" global Chinese service platform was launched on the 22 th.

The training of Chinese oral proficiency test (HKC) is the Ministry of education, the State Language Commission China China for the construction of Chinese all-round language testing system, comply with the need of international exchange of learning Chinese, for non-native Chinese people and overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese, launched a national standardized language proficiency test.

With the help of the "global Chinese service platform", the test uses the combination of remote network and local area network to examine the level of oral Chinese spoken. HKC breaks through the limitations of the test population caused by the recognition of Chinese characters, which is suitable for a wider range of testing people. Especially for non Chinese culture circles, Chinese learners greatly reduce their learning difficulty, and are more suitable for different levels of examinees to accurately measure their oral English level.

Zhao Hongtao, director of the office of the National Oral Proficiency Test Committee of China, said that this test embodies the internationalization of ideas, the modernization of means, the life of content and the Sinicization of form.

Zhao Hongtao, 2018, Chinese language oral proficiency test with the help of the global Chinese office service platform, mobile Internet and big data technology and face recognition, voiceprint recognition and fingerprint recognition technology, will face the world in various countries and regions to carry out distance education, distance training in Chinese and Chinese oral proficiency test (HKC). With more convenient and flexible way to solve all kinds of problems existing in the teaching of Chinese culture, let Chinese more smoothly into the world, promoting the construction of The Belt and Road ".

The same day, the Chinese education in South Korea, South Korea will promote Kwangju Chinese school, Hamburg Chinese school, Australia New Jinshan culture school, Lisbon school, Mongolia CITS Portugal Chinese Mongolia overseas Chinese friendship school, the American Association for international education development, the French newspaper France, free education from 12 countries worldwide Chinese representatives and the state of Chinese education oral English Test Center signed a cooperation agreement in Tianjin, the national oral Chinese Testing Center for the awarding to these offshore centers. Chinese experts from countries and regions such as Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia have also participated in the first batch of remote network testing training.


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