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How science and technology help Chinese study

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How science and technology help Chinese study

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"This realizes the visualization of the language." Gou Wei, a researcher at the center for the study of language intelligence of China, introduced the application of AR technology in Chinese teaching in the 2017 Chinese education Academic Forum and industrial special field, which aroused the resonance of the participants.

With the development of science and technology, the scientific and technological elements in Chinese learning and teaching have gradually entered into the people's field of vision.

The integration of science and technology into Chinese Learning

The state Han office is located in Xicheng District, Beijing, with a visit from time to time. There is a special exhibition hall in the building, the Chinese cultural experience center, and the "experience" of the visitors is the modern technology. "Wow! The picture changes with one hand." Come to visit the Nankai University teachers and students gather around 1.5 high tripod, have looked in the probe. Originally, the internal installation of the display, the evolution of Chinese characters, the artistic conception of ancient poetry, through the sound and the picture to be fully displayed.

Compared with high technology to make Chinese characters more visualized, hi-tech auxiliary Chinese pronunciation teaching is still a "newborn". In recent years, the development of speech recognition, speech synthesis and speech evaluation has provided new ideas for the teaching of Chinese phonetics. The Chinese patent speech synthesis method and device, which has been awarded the national patent, is an exploration made by Beijing Language and Culture University researchers in the teaching of intelligent Chinese pronunciation. The device tries to solve the problem of teaching Chinese students according to their aptitude for different tone errors. The technology first needs to acquire language learners' voice and multiple standard teacher's voice, then select the closest speech from the standard teacher's voice according to the voice parameters, and finally synthesize the tone teaching speech. Although the technology is still in the stage of research and development, once the technology is mature, it can help Chinese learners to learn phonetics better.

In fact, technology not only contributes to the innovation of teaching methods, but also integrates teaching content selection, curriculum implementation, test evaluation and other aspects. In the process of intelligent marking, correcting homework, collecting learning data and recommending personalized learning program, we can see the figure of technology.

In the "2017 Chinese education Academic Forum industry", iFLYTEK Dean of Beijing Research Institute Wang Shijin introduced iFLYTEK spoken Chinese learning evaluation technology and Chinese essay scoring diagnosis technology. According to the research and development personnel, Chinese is very unique, its intonation system, grammatical word order and text form all make the recognition technology face great challenge.

Technology is still a means of assistance

"Have you used hi-tech means in these Chinese teaching?"

"Basically no. Is it a slide? "

Whether from a senior teacher who has been teaching for over 10 years or a new teacher for teaching, there are not many people who interviewed Chinese teachers in recent years.

"Based on our teaching ideas, we pay more attention to the real natural language used by students to acquire human and human communication. So our teaching process is not very high. Mr. Liu has taught Chinese students in China for more than 10 years in Colleges and universities. "Science and technology is a double-edged sword." Technology is an auxiliary means, and the acquisition of language depends on people. "

As a young teacher, Mr. Wang is interested in the application of high technology in Chinese teaching, but he thinks there is still a gap between the current technical level and the practical application. In terms of standardized tests such as voice detection and composition errors, the help of technology can save teachers' time to some extent, but it is not satisfactory. For example, now oral test, people need to be judged after machine judgment, let alone guide students to learn.

Not only that, Chen Wen, who is engaged in Natural Language Processing research, also admits that "a technology needs a long way from the laboratory to the practical application." At present, most of the research and development of language science and technology are research personnel of computer science, and there are few linguists.

In the Chinese education circles, even the whole language education, the development of many new technological means are far from the expected: one is technical level, not really solve the problem; two is the full participation in language acquisition itself needs, the effect of language acquisition or the best means of communication between people.


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