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HUAWEI company trained Internet talents for Algeria Chinese

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HUAWEI company trained Internet talents for Algeria Chinese

Date of release:2017-12-28 00:00 Source: Click:

Xinhua news agency, Algiers, December 27 Xinhua (reporter Huang Ling) in the Internet era, Chinese "four great inventions" world famous behind cannot do without the support of a large number of Internet engineers. In Algeria, North Africa, HUAWEI is training local Internet talents in the Chinese language to help develop the network economy.

In the network science and technology park is located in the capital of the southern suburbs of Algiers, HUAWEI engineers from Hangzhou Chinese by silence is for Algeria around the University teachers. He told reporters that at the beginning, students were difficult to deal with a network protocol, but after nearly a month's training, they could draw more complicated program network.

A student named Gamal said that college teachers generally had theoretical knowledge, but they lacked practical skills. This training just made up for the shortage, which can be regarded as a "recharge" process. He says more students can be taught at school after he has mastered the latest communication and Internet knowledge.

A student who has come to attend training from the outside world says that it is very rare for us to accept the most advanced training in network technology without the national gate.

It is understood that, in order to allow the local students to better grasp the knowledge, HUAWEI built a simulated data center in the science and Technology Park, and the establishment of a modern network application experience center, so that people can intuitively feel the application of Internet in government agencies, the company and the family.

Tian Jia, a staff member of HUAWEI company, told reporters that Algeria is carrying out the optical fiber entry project. It will usher in the era of high-speed Internet. This will greatly change the work and life of locals.


The article comes from: Xianning News Network

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