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The study report of Chinese Korean Learners: "after 95" as the main force of Korean language learning

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The study report of Chinese Korean Learners: "after 95" as the main force of Korean language learning

Date of release:2018-01-05 00:00 Source: Click:

Shanghai Beijing, January 5 Xinhua (reporter Li Jiajia) recently, Chinese domestic Internet learning platform Hujiang officially released China Korean training research report. The report shows that most of the Korean learners are "after 90" and "after 95", of which the "95 after" Korean learners occupy an absolute proportion.


"After 95" into Korean learning force Shanghai photo

This report after 3 months of investigation and analysis is made of the research object, covering more than 30 provinces and regions including users, programmers, chefs, Taobao customer service, workers, students and preschool teachers, self-employed, financial professionals, medical professionals, social workers, volunteers, entrepreneurs, full-time mother, singers and other 10 kinds of different types of people.

The survey found that with the "post-90s" and "95 after" gradually entering college and career life, the age of learning Korean people is becoming younger. Among the users surveyed, nearly 45% of Korean learners are college students or graduate students, 21% of them are Korean learners, and 13% are Korean learners, and users are freelancers. The main purpose of their study of Korean language is 3 kinds: the demand for entertainment, the needs of academic and professional development, and the needs of living and shopping in Korea.

The report shows that in the past, most Korean learners in China were chasing stars and chasing drama, but now learning Korean has become a practical need to meet the needs of multi lingual learning and transnational life.

With the continuous infiltration of Korean wave in the living environment of Chinese domestic population, there has also been a learning fever in central and Western China, including Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang and Tibet provinces. Of course, restricted by the main influence areas of Korean wave in China, users of Korean learning are mainly distributed in four places, namely, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu and Shanghai.


Korean language learning users are mainly distributed in four places in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu and Shanghai.

The wide spread of mobile Internet technology provides convenience for Chinese netizens to diversify their foreign language learning. In the report, 60% of users through them, and APP small procedures such as online learning form learning korean. 55% of Internet users also like to learn Korean by following Korean movies, entertainment programs and comic novels. 51% of the Internet users like to learn Korean by self-study textbooks. The whole learning way is diversified, and on average, each Korean learner uses 2.6 learning methods, which is compatible with systematic learning and entertainment learning.

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