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Speaking English fluently: teacher AI plays English Teaching

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Speaking English fluently: teacher AI plays English Teaching

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At the fourth World Internet Conference just concluded in 2017, big coffee predicted that in the future, people will gradually become accustomed to an artificial intelligence ubiquitous society. In the field of education, since its origin, it has been unique in its fluent English with AI gene. It has launched an artificial intelligence English adaptive learning software, guiding students in all directions with one to one form, so that the learning efficiency has increased by nearly 3 times.



In fluent English said founder and CEO Wang Yi's eyes, "AI+ education" can let everyone have the opportunity and fair to accept top technical experts and service access to the high quality education resources, with the least time to achieve the best learning effect.

With better vision education progress, education fairness, English fluent with artificial intelligence express won the fifth Chinese innovation competition in the Internet and mobile Internet industry finals enterprise group second; relying on the world's largest Chinese English speech database, and oral English testing, accurate writing scoring engine research and the depth of the adaptive learning system, fluent English that launched the world's first AI English teacher and curriculum in February last year to achieve profitability. Last July, the company successfully completed nearly a billion dollar C round of financing.

The largest "Chinese English pronunciation database" needs to be trained in English.

"The students, please read the words, let me listen to your pronunciation which has a problem."

"When you pronounce this voice, you can walk in two steps. First you send out a I, then you send a r, and the two get together to send IR. This sounds like Chinese's" Alas ". It is hard to imagine that an intentional mispronouncing is recognized by a machine, if it is not a personal experience. Even if the English level is bad, it can be understood.

From entering learning, every user's English learning activities are digitally labled. Fluent English, a large number of automated tools will collect tagged voice data, and ultimately improve the accuracy of oral scoring through speech recognition technology and AI algorithm. Based on this huge Chinese English pronunciation database, it is fluent to create a language recognition system that can understand Chinglish.

In the fluent AI speech storage system, even one second speech has been cut into many small segments, so that the machine can accurately identify and correct the details of pronunciation errors. Wang Yi said, fluent in English since the beginning of 2012 just started not stop as long as the data storage, followed by reading, speech can be uploaded to the server, through voice recognition, semantic identification and evaluation system, even if the pronunciation is very bad, the system can capture the identification and analysis to understand the meaning of the sentence.

"We have been accumulating 620 million minutes by now, and this number is growing every day." Wang Yi proudly said, "the more the data is accumulated, the more accurate the engine is, and that's one of our barriers."

Adaptive learning makes it possible to make personalized and efficient learning

According to the Research Report on "AI+ education" released by Technavio, a Foreign Market Research Institute, it is predicted that by 2020, the market scale of global AI+ education will grow rapidly at a compound growth rate of nearly 40% per year. From K12 education to higher education to enterprise training, the education industry will face a huge technological innovation. Wang Yi said that only China's English language training market has reached 300 billion yuan a year.

In July 2016, at the cost of two years and tens of millions of dollars, it released the world's first AI English teacher fluently, and launched a customized interactive course based on its flagship product, English fluent speaking APP, based on the AI English teacher.

"Education should not take the teacher as the main body, but should take the students as the main body." Wang Yi said that teachers should adjust the teaching content continuously with the students' learning status, learning level and learning progress, so as to make learning more solid and more effective. "AI teacher is like the world's top expert sitting next to you, watching you, guiding you, which is student centered, and this virtual expert is probably the wisdom of a group of experts.

By July last year, fluent English learning APP, fluent in English, has broken through 50 million, paying 600 thousand users, covering 175 countries and 379 cities nationwide. Fluent in the first - year online payment course, 80% of the users are the first to pay for English.

"From the machine to speech evaluation, adaptive dialogue, fluent algorithm team to do, is to complement the AI teacher skill tree." In the eyes of Wang Yi, the result is the only standard to measure the educational products and services. In the future of the coexistence of personalization and standardization, more benefits can be obtained by making better products in two aspects of effectiveness and efficiency.

The year before, to speak first building a smart cloud English classroom in Qinghai Prefecture of Daozha welfare school, in less than a year, to help the school's 28 students in the senior high school entrance examination English average senior high school entrance examination to enhance the full 20 points.

Last year, fluent announced a strategic partnership with good future education group, and its good future of English, English has been adopted step excitation Business English fluent English speech evaluation technology, and applied to student learning system core function in oral English practice.

"Fluency will eventually become a global education and technology company based on China." Wang Yi said at last.

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