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Wuxi Chinese outstanding Chinese students Victoria language

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Wuxi Chinese outstanding Chinese students Victoria language

Date of release:2014-02-03 00:00 Source: Click:

Vitoria Victoria, a 11 year old girl from Germany, reading in Chinese senior class 2AII language. Since entering the Chinese language of this family in March 2011 Victoria, imperceptibly for almost three years, until now the Chinese senior level has been 2AII from the primary A1 level in every Chinese language teachers have seen her growth change. On weekdays, whether she gets along with foreign partners or interact with Chinese teachers, she can see her happy figure everywhere. In class, she always focuses on herself, and always has her own opinions about some questions of Chinese teachers. She likes the discussion in the classroom, and the students are most willing to partner with her, because every word that comes out can win the praise of everyone.


It was her passion for Chinese training, which made her deeply like it. In the eyes of her mother, the key to her learning lies in her consciousness. In the eyes of teachers, she will not only express herself and play it freely, but also open her Chinese speakers in both normal classes and public exhibitions. Since I came to her from the first Chinese language, Chinese zero based today in Chinese speaking, each has a very significant improvement, listening and speaking, reading and writing are more prominent than the children of the same age.

On weekdays in the Chinese language, in addition to learning Chinese, she will also participate in a variety of competitions, have achieved good results. In China's days, she has passed the ten level of dance and electronic organ. She has won the two prize of Wuxi Hope Star Chinese speaking contest, Wuxi primary school table tennis team bronze medal, Wuxi's "civilized fashion, good youth" 300. Every semester in the school is a three good student. We are honored to have such useful foreign friends in the Chinese language learning Chinese, enthusiasm and effect, we are very pleased to learn Chinese children's blessing Victoria, let her in the Chinese every day happy harvest.

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