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China students in Hebei Chengzhong on Kyushu SAR guide training Bridge

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China students in Hebei Chengzhong on Kyushu SAR guide training Bridge

Date of release:2014-03-14 00:00 Source: Click:

   In March 14, according to the Japan Xinhua China Press reported that in order to attract tourists from Asia, at present, Kyushu, Japan is vigorously training identified independently "SAR guide". Chinese students are also actively participating in the training of Chinese tour guides, hoping to be a bridge of communication between the Chinese and Japanese people while promoting the Japanese glamour and culture.

According to the "Yomiuri Shimbun" message, call for foreign tourists traveling to Japan, in March 12th, the first batch of 7 Kyushu county culture independent translation guide that "special tour guide". Due to the loosening of the "Asian tourist island comprehensive zone", Kyushu has launched the Korean training and tour guide business in Kyushu without the adoption of the national guide exam in Kyushu. It is expected that by the end of April, about 100 people in the Kyushu region will be translated by Chinese and Korean translation guides. This move is also devoted to training translation guides to prepare for the Olympic movement to serve foreign tourists in 2020.

Xiao Gu (24 years old), a Chinese student at Jiuzhou Industrial University, also participated in the tour guide training of the special economic zone. She blinked her bright eyes and said, "Fukuoka is a city of great delicacy and livability. I want to be a special zone guide to accumulate local charm and culture, and to work as a bridge between China and Japan. "

The afternoon of March 5th, Fukuoka County, about 120 people apply for the tour guide in Fukuoka County, Dazaifu day full house and Kushida shrine and other tourist attractions, received training. On the bus on the way, the trainer held the microphone and practiced to introduce the tourist from the window to the tourist in Chinese and Korean.

In accordance with the Japanese translation tour guide law, the translation guide engaged in paid guide business is required to pass the national qualification examination. The exam includes the qualification tests of Japanese note taking and interview. In addition to language, the relevant personnel will be asked about a wide range of knowledge in the history and geography of Japan, with a qualified rate of only 10%.

As of April 2012, there were 661 translation guides in the Kyushu region, accounting for 4.1% of the total number of people in the country. In a large cruise ship docked in Bodo harbor or on vacation visit the Kyushu region in the group of tourists, tour guide has become a major topic of local.

To this end, Japan's Kyushu 7 counties, Fukuoka city and Kyushu Tourism Promotion Agency jointly applied for the establishment of a tour guide special zone. In February 2013, the application was approved by the Japanese government. After 10 days of training on the management of the travel schedule and the knowledge of the sightseeing area, the relevant personnel can obtain the qualification of the tour guide if the interview is qualified. Since then, the relevant personnel can be engaged in the tour guide business within the limits of the Kyushu area.


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