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Australia student Danel Chinese language

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Australia student Danel Chinese language

Date of release:2015-02-05 00:00 Source: Click:

Danel, a foreign student from Australia, has been in China for four or five years, and it may not be a long time. Foreigners who usually stay in China for four or five years can understand Mandarin. Danel is no exception. Not only that, he can also speak fluent Chinese, and speak with foreign accents in Mandarin. Some Chinese children will be shy for the first time to contact foreigners. They feel embarrassed when they want to say hello. At this time, Dane will whisper to them first, "Hello, I know you very well." In general, children are surprised to hear a face, and then respond with a smile and say, "Hello!" in Chinese.

The first Chinese teacher who was in contact with him might think he was too fat. It should not be very easy to be close to. In fact, Dane is a very kind person, a long time after each Chinese teacher will find that he is very loving, but all have some love to give him in the teacher's eyes, he is a plain amiable Chinese students, and many teachers will affectionately call him "daddy". In the eyes of her Chinese friends, Danel is also a very courteous person. He often greets them with their active learning Chinese and speaks of their recent learning performance.

Have a fluent bilingual he has become some Chinese students ask the object, a special word like we can ask him for help, and he is not to mind taking the trouble to explain this to us to listen to English training ability is also very good.


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