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The new Chinese teacher in the eyes of the Chinese language in Wuxi Campus

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The new Chinese teacher in the eyes of the Chinese language in Wuxi Campus

Date of release:2015-03-17 00:00 Source: Click:

January 2010 Wuxi Chinese school officially Whisperwind and meet you, although I was not in the Chinese language, but in the 2 years since I entered, understanding, understanding of the family. The first Chinese Wuxi school both Whisperwind, employees or students are not compared with what it is now, but for me, there is a full color, joy, warm place. During my internship, what I do is all perturbed. But fortunately, I met a good teacher. Although we are different in character, I learned a lot from her. These are important for me just stepping into the society. Not only is my growth, and those lovely English training of foreign students, from kindergarten or naughty later one with little red scarf of the young pioneers; parents at first hold to try attitude to recognition, all this in Wuxi with Chinese locution children curriculum walk. We also want to be able to give more foreign students, children, and parents more reward, and we have been trying to improve it.

The optimization of hardware part is to create better learning environment for children. On this basis, let children get better quality of teaching Chinese as a foreign language is what we have been pursuing. The road of the future is still long, let us step by step and steadfastly forward.


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