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The final of the 2013 Jiangsu foreigner talent competition was held in Nanjing, and 7 foreign students from our school participated in the final.

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The final of the 2013 Jiangsu foreigner talent competition was held in Nanjing, and 7 foreign students from our school participated in the final.

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The evening of December 7th, Jiangsu radio and Television University theatre lights, a 2013 song, "fun Jiangsu" foreigners singing talent contest finals Awards held strong here. More than 80 foreign friends from more than 40 countries have dedicated a wonderful performance to the people of Jiangsu. Though they are of different nationalities and different colors, they share the most simple friendship between China and Jiangsu through the same training in Chinese. Finally, Brooke Adams and James Stovall from the United States won the "best talent award" with a "I and you".

As a highlight of an Jiangsu "series of activities, from the Information Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People's government, the Jiangsu provincial radio and television host, Jiangsu Chinese network organized the foreigners singing talent contest" is already the fourth year, so far, nearly 10000 from more than 100 countries and regions of the foreign players to participate in the this activity. They not only sing Chinese songs, but also bring Chinese traditional talent, such as Peking Opera, calligraphy, martial arts and paper cutting. The competition has become a vivid epitome of the work and life of the foreign nationals in Jiangsu Province, and has achieved a very positive social effect and international influence.

Unlike previous years, this competition from the primary to the final, make full use of the new platform of network promotion, micro-blog, WeChat and other new media to achieve a wide range of Chinese and foreign friends to participate in the interaction, the use of Internet voting and expert on-site evaluation of the combination of the way to decide the final all players.

On the basis of previous years, the nationality coverage of players has been expanded this year. Switzerland, Belgium, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Zimbabwe, Burma, Bulgaria and other countries have been added. The registration area for athletes has also extended to the whole country. Not only the 13 cities of Jiangsu have entered the final evening party, but also two Beijing athletes, one Wuhan player and eight Shanghai players are also stunning in the final evening party.

From the opening song and dance "China taste" to dance music "Jasmine", "Blue Lotus", "Guessing" from traditional comic folk songs to the dragon ", from pop to rock music, from the male and female solo to duet and chorus, the final party, players choose carefully with rich features and Chinese Jiangsu style show. Among them, the forms of folk music, national dance, cross talk and tongue twister are all first appeared in the match of "Jiangsu". The scene repercussions are strong, and the players are constantly interacting with the judges and the audience, with a wide range of topics and fun.

It is understood that more than 100 thousand foreigners have been working, studying and living in Jiangsu. The exchange between Jiangsu and the world is more frequent. The world's attention to Jiangsu is also more and more closely related. At the scene, several players told reporters about their profound friendship with China and Jiangsu.

Song Anju from the United States is an overseas student from Nanjing University. When he was a high school student, he was attracted by China's 5000 year long civilization and finally came to China to pursue his Chinese dream. He went to go visit the most history whether it is north of the places of historic interest and scenic beauty, Xu Feng Yun Han, South of Jiangsu gardens are graceful, impressed him. And he loved music by the Chinese folk music institute, and played the Jiangsu folk song "Jasmine" in cooperation with other foreign friends.

There are also foreign friends in Jiangsu, the two of whom are Meng and Bart and en. They came to Jiangsu only four months ago, and they fell in love with the people and the scenery. To participate in this competition, I also want to meet more friends and exchange the experience of life and study in Jiangsu.

As the song goes, "hand in hand, heart dependent, we are friends forever", the foreign friends love Jiangsu, love China, many of them have been and will continue to take their own life and career betting on this piece of land, to witness the prosperity and development of Jiangsu.

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