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Wuxi Chinese School Hamburg Whisperwind birthday party to learn Chinese

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Wuxi Chinese School Hamburg Whisperwind birthday party to learn Chinese

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In October 17, 2013, the Wuxi School of Chinese locution birthday in October the foreign friends and our Chinese language teachers Chinese locution together in the "Burger King" Burger King "had a happy birthday party Chinese.

On that day, children from different countries came early. John also brought his sister together, and they came a little late, but that did not affect the children's excitement. John is a German, this boy is really good, cheerful, in making hamburgers in the process of making faces from time to time, cute little guy! John's sister is also a very cute little girl. Although it was the first time to celebrate birthday with Chinese teachers, it was a little stiff at the beginning, but it soon melted in. Hamburg did it very seriously, and it was done by himself.

Chinese teachers first locution and children talk, say hello in Chinese, I wish the children Happy birthday. Some children are confident and loud and communicate with him. Our little Zoey seemed a little shy, and Chinese teacher Lisa encouraged her patiently. At the party, Lisa also asked me to tell little Zoey, though she was a bit shy at the beginning, but she was very good. Her Chinese was also very good, so today's English training is also very good, so I need to be more confident.

Simple communication, Lisa teacher let these foreign children one by one Chinese self introduction, children can speak very fluent, our Lisa, Julia, Coco, Zoey, Annie, Nick and Ryan are very confident to speak out his name, age, preferences, etc., are very well, drew admiration and envy his foreign friends. After the children's self introduction, this group of children are familiar with the Chinese teacher MinMin began to teach Chinese. The children are very careful to listen to the very loud read, Bread (bread), tomato. (tomato). Cheese (cheese), onion (onion ring), chips (French fries), icecream (Bing Jiling). Birthday cake (birthday cake). Cola (coke), gift (gift).

Learned Chinese words, let's do hamburger materials ready, Hamburg do the long-awaited, hands together with Chinese master, the children are very serious, do very well, see Nick and Ryan have been well, full of the joy of victory before a pose. our Lisa, JuliaCoco, Zoey, Annie, Fairy, John and his sister are all ready, not resigned to playing second fiddle. Fragrant hamburger, done, with the delicious French fries, chicken wings, coke, ice cream, open to eat!!!! Yummy! Yummy! As we cut the birthday cake, sing the birthday song, some Chinese friend sitting next to, but also to our children to send birthday wishes, thank you (Happy Birthday!) the children are very polite! (thank you China friends!) it is a very meaningful birthday wish today to attend the birthday party and all the foreign friends in October birthday: Happy birthday! Happy and happy every day! We also wish Wuxi Chinese school every foreign language students in Chinese day happy! Love you!


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