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My Chinese locution learn Chinese in Wuxi Road

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My Chinese locution learn Chinese in Wuxi Road

Date of release:2016-04-25 00:00 Source: Click:

Cherry Queen Chinese: money Moyi age: 10 levels: Wuxi primary Chinese class 08C language


The second "Dunhuang Cup" national erhu outstanding performance award

The two prize in the "three single" competition


Remember at the beginning of the Chinese language, I was delighted to find that the original Chinese training can learn, so easy so happy and so naturally, this feeling is really great, so I can not wait into the Chinese language in this big family. Here, there are brothers and sisters like classmates, who study together, learn and play in entertainment. Chinese teachers like big parents are concerned about our Chinese learning and life in China, and talk about happy and unhappy things. I am in Wuxi Chinese locution has imperceptibly learning for two years. Whisperwind gave me confidence, diligence, initiative and strategy. Whisperwind also let me increase knowledge, the harvest of joy.

"Hat Mr. Duane" is our Chinese language teacher, he is so humorous, because of him, I fell in love with China (Chinese) in this country, "the messenger" Chinese language Chinese teacher Daisy is our guardian, she was quick to point out our mistakes, listen to our voice, every day full of Chinese she is my idol. Here I really feel that I am the master of learning, play to the crazy interactive team game has been the theme of our classroom; bookwarm computer word and let us enjoy it and the courage to challenge; positive expression is always bold, a powerful and unconstrained style will be respected and affirmed, formlessness is not the highest level is not the textbook?

My creed is: I choose, I insist, I work hard! Come on, guys! We believe that we will have a better harvest on the way of learning Chinese.


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