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Learn Chinese foreign students and teachers for badminton games

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Learn Chinese foreign students and teachers for badminton games

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Language Chinese training bring joy and surprise me too much, foreign students and Chinese teachers are not only colleagues, more like family. Because of the Chinese language, let us together into a Chinese family international.

I was a lucky boy. This time, I and Michael got the first place in the badminton competition between foreign students and Chinese teachers. Though it's a recreational activity, but the rules of the game are quite regular. Sam, the foreign language teacher, explained to us what rules the competition had, and didn't attach much importance to it. It was the first group game, because the partner was a temporary decision, so everyone was playing on the spot. At first, everyone was more restrained, unable to open, a bit out of state. Warm up to the meeting, not a few people have been free to play, quite like a thing. After reading a few matches for foreign students are a lot of strength, but Sammi, Kathy, Cherry, Julia also not resigned to playing second fiddle made me a little nervous up. The team match depends on the strength of Michael and the success of my cooperation. There are screams, screams, and cheer, and the scene is like a small sports meeting. At the end of the game, I won the first place with Michael and got my favorite cookie, full of happiness.

This activity does not allow us to experience the fun, feel the power of unity, so that foreign students and Chinese teachers have a deeper exchange, for the future of Chinese teaching work more easier. This is the charm of Chinese language education!


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