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What can I do after the qualification certificate for TCFL?

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What can I do after the qualification certificate for TCFL?

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What can I do after the qualification certificate for TCFL?


The main page bacteria based on their own and around the experience of people, give you some advice!

First, you can choose to be an honorable teacher of Chinese as a foreign language.

Where do we need a Chinese teacher with a foreign language?

Many colleges and universities that recruit foreign students in China will need teachers to teach Chinese. However, if you want to have a formal establishment, you usually need a doctoral degree. Even if you sign a contract as a substitute teacher, you need a master's degree at least. Although in Colleges and universities, but the treatment of substitute teachers, generally can not be compared with the compiled teacher.

If you don't go to a university, you can also choose to train the school. Compared with the universities, the training schools are more flexible in teaching, the students are more rich in sources and levels, and it will be more interesting to communicate with the students.

Besides being a teacher in Chinese as a foreign language, what can we do after the qualification certificate for teaching Chinese as a foreign language?

According to the experience of the monarch and the people around the home page, the direction of employment is divided into the following categories:

1. teachers in primary and secondary schools or training institutions

"Teaching old Chinese in Chinese" is also a lesson. There are some advantages to the teaching experience of teaching Chinese as a foreign Chinese. In particular, the students who have obtained the teacher's certificate during the undergraduate period are more likely to try the teacher's compilation and enter the public school to become a glorious people's teacher.

2. college counselors and educational teachers

If you just want to stay in college, you don't have to get a doctor's degree to teach and research. College counselors, educational affairs, and other administrative posts are generally only required for master's degree or bachelor's degree. The students who are interested may try it. Only, the counselor is generally required to be a party member, and everyone remembers the application of the party.

3. a copywriter or a consultant for a student studying abroad

The students who study abroad tend to recruit people with high foreign language proficiency and experience abroad. Chinese as a foreign language have good foreign language, a country and a lot of teachers, which are more favored by the students studying abroad. Like consulting (introduces the basic situation of foreign universities, parents of students to choose the appropriate institutions for them), copy (ready to apply for student writing material), translation (translation of relevant evidence, prepare English materials) and other positions, are suitable for graduates of foreign language test.

4. new media, planning and publishing related posts

When advertising, news and publishing industries are recruiting related staff, they all like to follow a "and related major" after a designated professional. If you are teaching Chinese in addition to the ability and accomplishment of a certain position, you can try to apply for it. The most common position of new media operations, the candidates should have certain writing ability and hot sensitivity, quick thinking brain hole, can be familiar with micro-blog, WeChat, platform for today's headlines and other operation, look carefully, the threshold is low, interesting, suitable for arts students is still a lot of work.

5. civil servants, village officials and selected graduates

If you want to enter politics, or "a secure job", college-graduate village official or selected graduates experience will make your resume considerably. A number of posts in the national and provincial examinations are open only for the students, and the students who have this idea can not miss the opportunity.

Finally, with a scraper out Chinese people's voices':


Source: Chicco beauty star - WeChat public number (focus on providing international service for the foreign Chinese teacher qualification certificate peikao)

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