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Chinese foreign student Tom Charlie Whisperwind

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Chinese foreign student Tom Charlie Whisperwind

Date of release:2016-08-30 00:00 Source: Click:

He called Tom, Charlie Whisperwind, Chinese AIII students in Chinese locution has studied for 4 months, is now a French ESSEC study of a student. With a pair of frame glasses, Aex Kevin has an amazing talent for language expression and a great ability to learn and listen to Chinese.

In class, he always focuses on his own understanding and memory of teachers' content. He especially likes the link of TCSL. He speaks fast and clearly. Let us all these teachers of Chinese as a foreign language! When he walks, he always carries a MP3 with his favorite Chinese text recordings and his favorite Chinese songs. Often see his head with MP3 speak chinese......

In the school, tireless but creative, once the ESSEC College "excellent college students". In his rich Chinese as a foreign language class, it is always a good helper of Chinese teachers and a good example for the students. "Nine" Chinese calligraphy "Five" and "three" zed "national painting and calligraphy competition silver" French Chinese finals prize "and" Chinese painting and calligraphy Award "and so on, as the Chinese locution important positions, participated in the school in large Chinese class activities.

He laughed, have sharp teeth, honest and wise, calm and atmosphere! I hope he can always be happy, confident, and go farther and farther on the way of learning.


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