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【classroom demeanor】

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【classroom demeanor】

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A year ago, I heard that I was going to be a Chinese teacher in Thailand. It was a child, and there was no bottom in my heart. It is said that children's classes in Thailand are very headaches, because they have not been exposed to children's classes, so they are still more afraid. What if they don't listen to me in class? What do I do with the complaints from the parents of the students? How can you make these naughty children listen to the class seriously? These doubts have come before going abroad. Before leaving, we went to Thailand to language teacher for children's training course, from teaching method to classroom order, there are aspects involved, but there is no real teaching before, my heart has been drumming.


Today, as a teacher who worked in children's Chinese teaching in Thailand, I would like to share my experience and experience, hoping to help every reader.

After arriving in Thailand, on a sunny Monday, I started my first children's Chinese training course. Because school children have been learning Chinese for some time, so they have learned some simple words, but because they are not familiar with children at ordinary times, so I chose an interesting color lesson in my first class.

But if you think I'm standing on the platform, it's a mistake. For those mischievous ghosts jumping up and down, it is necessary to first class work as a teacher of majesty. Therefore, it is very important to make the class order and the rewards and punishments. I am in the classroom may encounter problems such as the student run around, talking in class with other students, no homework problems have made the punishment rules, of course, light punishment certainly they are not happy, they will think, "Oh, our teacher Chinese terrible", "I can not love in her class, she would torment us". Therefore, the appropriate reward is also very important. As for when to reward, I can also make rules according to my own student situation.

In fact, in the first class, it was the first contest between teachers and students. This success is related to whether teachers will be respected by students and whether they will make progress. Of course, if some teachers fail in the first lesson, don't be discouraged. In the later teaching, teachers should gradually instill their dignity, such as starting from today, choosing the most annoying behavior in every class, making rules.

Return to class, because I prepare the class is color class, so there must be a game! I prepared for the game is to guess the color, how to play? I'll tell you later. First of all, according to the teaching process for students to show the different words, that is a different color, the best written in different colors, or prepared in advance and props to show them color, to practise listening, then practise speaking, until they have almost can say different colors, this time you want to loudly say, "now we are going to play a game!" You'll find that when it comes to the game, they have a bright eye and begin to listen carefully. "Well, this is the rules of the game, the teacher will take a different color on the blackboard, and then ask one student to remember the color of the order, then blindfolded, after a classmate took up a color, please just blindfolded classmates see which has a small color. Do you understand?" They would say "almost" with a serious nod and say, "who is the first?" They would say, "I! Me! " As long as the enthusiasm of their learning is mobilized, nothing else can attract them. In this way, my first lesson was finished by learning and practicing. Of course, must arrange some interesting homework, my job is to give each print a blank of the cartoon characters, let them in accordance with the requirements of the filling color. In this way, the children and I have finished the first class.

       As a matter of fact, there will be various situations in class. Sometimes, teachers' content cannot be fully addressed to students, so we must seize the key and teach them the most important things when students are most enthusiastic. Of course, after class, we should also have a good relationship with the students. Who says the teacher can't make friends with his pupils? They should be integrated into their small world, slowly affecting them in their lives, and communicating with them patiently. The students will feel the teacher is very friendly, more willing to go to the teacher's class, and more willing to tell the teacher about the problems he met. Therefore, teachers who have just started lessons should not be afraid, though children are naughty, but they are not bad. If they have the right way, they will get their respect. To fall in love with your class, and love to learn Chinese from then on, this is also a foreign Chinese teacher, the most pleased, the most happy and the most sense of achievement.

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