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【classroom demeanor】

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【classroom demeanor】

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It has been a month since I came to Thailand, and the body and mind have been slowly adapted to this place. I want to express what I see and feel in my mind with words, so that more people can know more about people in Thailand and Thailand. I will also share with you my understanding of teaching, hoping to help teachers who are interested in Thailand.

About Thailand

As we all know, Thailand is a tropical country of Buddhism, these two words can be summed up all the characteristics of Thailand, Korean training it is hot, so it is perennial high temperature of the coldest December on Chinese is more suitable for the temperature, but the Thai people will wear a sweater, for them, this month, Thailand is experiencing winter, fortunately I arrived in Thailand this month, it is still relatively easy to adapt. The climate causes this place perennial rich fresh fruits, such as longan, rambutan, mangosteen, banana and so on, people take advantage of this, make a lot of fruit ingredients such as mango snacks, Glutinous rice, flying banana cake are very famous snacks in Thailand. There are so many little girls favorite fruit ice cream, fruit juice, the taste is very pure, you can see the fresh fruit cut into the whole process of juice, do not add any pigment, without any spices, cheap price, absolutely is a delicacy in the summer hot weather.

Speaking of religion, Thailand is a rare National Buddhist country, to the king, to civilian, sincere faith in everyone can reflect the religious architecture is very magnificent, religious activities are very frequent, a local people told me that Thai people don't do bad things, because they have a religion. And believe that good karma, this power is often shocking to me, let me have a lot of respect for this country. In this country there are people of other faiths, and respect each other and people believe in Buddhism, the school where I was a Christian school, a church school, has presided over the father and sister, praying three times the students every day, have a strong religious flavor to the school. I recently just to catch up with the big Christmas activities, three days of celebration, I also enjoy the feeling there has never been a cultural atmosphere.

About the Thais

Thai people living pressure is relatively small, a very comfortable life, character is gentle, where they lived was very casual, the habit of walking barefoot, eating cold food habits. Because of the weather, they have very few outdoor activities. There are simple shading shelters in the places where people live. Older people will stay in the shed and chat with fans. This leisurely and comfortable life is rare in China. Thai people young and old men are very clearly, young to older salute, lower will be on high salute. The whole country is "raging".

On Teaching

Thailand life is free from idleness, which can reflect the child's learning, they China class unlike the students willing to quietly listen to the teacher in class, they will choose according to their own interests, they will love the course carefully, I found that in the process of teaching Chinese, those who are interested in Chinese students very progress fast, and strong curiosity, they in their spare time to ask you about Chinese and China problems. But some students in the class time to do what I love to do, such as toys, painting, in a daze, because the Thailand students learning environment is very relaxed, so the students will not be forced to listen, I do not seriously children can "turn a blind eye". Thailand students are rich in imagination and very strong in hands-on ability, and their handicraft works are very delicate and unique.As a child in Thailand, very happy is many school activities, to a national holiday, to Christmas, the school will hold many activities, in the activities of the day, the school has a lot of benefits to students, distribute snacks and stationery, there will be a prize catch link, awards may be a television may also be a refrigerator, there are other more expensive items, the school activities in our opinion is more like social activities, of course, teachers and students are the happiness within.

For more than a month in Thailand, there are many unforgettable and joyful things. The scenery is beautiful. People are also very warm and friendly. I hope that the teachers who have come here or will come here can enjoy this experience.


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