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【classroom demeanor】

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【classroom demeanor】

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As a teacher in Thailand, it is quite comfortable on the whole. Especially in such a country where Buddhism is prevalent, parents are very serious about their children's education problems. Naturally, the respect for teachers' profession will be higher.

In Thailand, the two most popular foreign languages are English and Chinese. Many public schools will offer two English training courses in Grade 1 when they are in primary school. Fortunately, teaching Chinese in Thailand is very painful and painful for me.

Do Chinese teacher in the Thailand public school, class volume average weekly hours in 15-18 about 50 minutes for each class, but no time to rest between the most English training class and class teacher, all by their own hands, in 5 minutes before the end of a class after class, so in the next class of students in class before you have 5 minutes of rest. In Thailand is the most happy during the holidays, will be a holiday, and most of them are in more than 2 days, this is my most happy, although the class is not so tired, more easily than at home, but also can not go out to travel in Thailand, the natural scenery is not too good. Such a beautiful scenery of the country, not to travel, it is a waste of time, so during the holiday season, will travel with colleagues and friends.


But let me pain, is facing the crowds like monkey students. Thailand child how can so exuberant energy, almost every class class has several students made me mad, naughty children will always give you in the classroom, leaving a lot of "surprise", in the face of these naivete children, sometimes fierce didn't use them, there was a time, I doubt myself for whether it be the teacher, really get these naughty children no way. Good at the school of a few old teachers to recruit, I summed up, for the management of Thailand pupils, three steps:

When 1 students, not noisy, the teacher stopped lecturing, with eyes staring at some naughty children, face serious, quietly watching them for 2 minutes, the class suddenly quiet down, these kids are very clever, see the teacher really angry, they will calm down and continue the class in 2 minutes, this the method is quite effective.

2, grasp the class typical, the most naughty students in the class, call up, stand for 2-3 minutes, such a method once a use, immediately rise to immediate effect.

In 3, the Thailand class, Thailand native teacher office basically is the classroom, as long as there are no other things, Thailand teacher will tell the teacher's class, if the class doesn't appear in the real students, can lead students to the class before, then the teacher Chinese continued in class, this method is also very this method works, but with caution, after all we are teachers, not let others despise our Chinese teacher, classroom management still have their own summary, slowly up management.

In short, the biggest challenge for Chinese teachers to teach in Thailand is to manage students' classroom. Anyway, when teachers get along with their children for a long time, they will have better management if they establish emotions.

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