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【classroom demeanor】

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【classroom demeanor】

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Coming to a strange country, a strange city, meeting many strangers, feeling a lot, from training at the beginning to starting my own teaching, giving me a lot of confidence step by step. I also met the different teachers in the teaching of me have some inspiration.

My school is located in Suwon. Is a language school, besides Chinese oral English, Japanese, Korean, and TOEIC training courses. The college is very big, and our textbook is basically Sisa's own publication. There are many teachers in college, mostly part-time teachers. There are only two Chinese teachers, two Japanese teachers, and three American teachers.


The second day came to Korea, I was assigned to a Chinese school field training, or lectures, but the lectures for me after the teaching is very helpful, the field teacher here is very good, very relaxed atmosphere of lectures, teachers pay more attention to students' oral English, although the junior class, but speaking are very good, is also very high enthusiasm of students. In the short period of two and a half days, we have learned a lot about the process teaching of vocabulary, grammar and text.

In September 1st, I began to take a formal class. My courses are Chinese junior, intermediate, free talking and TSC. Relatively speaking, in addition to junior high school level students, other students Chinese level are very good, oral English is relatively good, sometimes we will talk to Samsung, LG, Lotte Department stores and duty-free shops, sometimes talk about plastic surgery, Taiwan, thad such a sensitive topic, but are holding each other respect, so the class so far, are all very happy. The course has a lot of time, so most of the same courses will have a lot of one to one, and there will be one to two, and there will not be a lot of students. Like the free talking if the lessons of two or three students, it is necessary to pay attention to the students to speak, some students interested in the topic, Chinese expression is relatively smooth, he may say more; some students Chinese expression is not very good, lack of self-confidence, it requires the teacher to guide. But free talking is required to prepare their own teacher and class topic process, and the students are basically been China, or in school to stay Chinese they work, relatively speaking, more love for a class of controversial economic affairs, can express the topic, so in this respect, we also learn from each other. Junior and intermediate level are all teaching materials, so careful preparation, teaching is still smooth.

It seems to be that there is a certain reason for the character to decide the fate. At home I prepared a small gift, a small Terracotta Army, paper-cut bookmarks, spicy mushroom like bamboo shoots Dried tofu (South Korea, they especially love to eat this). After giving them gifts, some of them will say I'll give you a gift (both start exchanging gifts) and they can see that they are happy. I love my school, I came to know a few teachers, because my Korean is not good, I used the English language, it is very funny forced ~ gestures, drew a map of Japan with blackboard teacher introduce sub linen, ha ha ha. The dean and the teachers here are all very good, and when I am in trouble, I can help me, and occasionally give me some chocolate, juice, soap and so on. And then they say it's because I have a good character and can see that they all like me. I can meet those two old Americans every day. They will invite me to listen to their lessons, and also say that I am good at English.

Well, my work is this approximately ~ then share with you and my students, they are super good (I can stick a feather dipping baa ~ ha ha)

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