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Xian Unicom develops Korean language training to create language barrier free service

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Xian Unicom develops Korean language training to create language barrier free service

Date of release:2018-03-14 00:00 Source: Click:

With more and more Korean companies stationed in Xi'an, in order to provide quality service to more and more Korean friends, to show the advantages of integrated services, Xi'an branch of China Unicom Chinese three months to carry out a special training in Korean speaking recently organized sales staff, customer manager, in order to enhance the comprehensive service ability.

The Xi'an Unicom has recruited a professional Korean training institution, which is trained by senior Korean training teachers in the form of centralized teaching. The teacher training pronunciation, sense of humor, through the video display, case introduction, scenario simulation and other forms of Korean pronunciation, practical teaching, and strive to use simple words and phrases, improve the front-line customer service staff of professional knowledge and communication skills. The students were very enthusiastic, sacrificing the rest time at night and weekends, overcome the inconvenience of transportation, and put into the study seriously, the interaction with teachers was also very active.

Through training, the common spoken English in the Korean language of the front-line window service staff and the common spoken English in various business handling have been strengthened and significantly improved. At the same time, participating in the training of personnel can master the scientific and effective methods of learning Korean, not only to learn in the future work in learning to improve themselves, but can become a window unit internal trainer, and other colleagues speaking Korean, for Xi'an Unicom service window to achieve international friends language barrier free service and lay a solid foundation.


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