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Congratulations to the Chinese language 7 foreign language students who qualify for the 2013 Jiangsu foreigners singing talent contest finals

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Congratulations to the Chinese language 7 foreign language students who qualify for the 2013 Jiangsu foreigners singing talent contest finals

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5 French students in our school took part in the 2012 Jiangsu concert of foreigners singing talent contest, and a traditional Jiangsu folk song: "Jasmine" was successfully promoted to the finals of the Jiangsu foreign singing talent contest in 2012, and was awarded the talent award. This year the Organizing Committee received the invitation, all the teachers and students of Wuxi foreign language teaching center of Chinese locution of re integration of excellent resources, trying to prepare for the 2013 year ahead of Jiangsu Tongle foreigners singing talent contest, and in the last year, seven Chinese foreign students to successfully qualify for the finals, they said from Thailand Chinese students from Chompue. Morocco: Chinese students from the French Amine, Chinese students: Emma, David, Charles, Jean Yves and Remi. by the organizing committee selected, they will participate in the evening of December 7, 2013 awards in 2013 with Jiangsu foreigners singing talent contest finals competition in Jiangsu radio and television station "If You Are The One" on the stage, we wish the locution the Chinese teaching center and seven of our students to achieve good results.



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China Jiangsu network July 19th (reporter Qi Fusheng) this morning, the "Jiangsu fun" Jiangsu Chinese training speech contest and singing talent contest sponsored by the Information Office of the people's Government of Henan Province officially launched the online audition in Nanjing. Foreigners who are interested in signing up and participating in the competition can register directly in the Jiangsu network of China and the "Jiangsu international online" professional web page.

The exchange of Jiangsu with the world is more and more frequent, and the world's attention to Jiangsu is becoming more and more closely. Jiangsu has a long history, colorful cultural and educational resources, attracting about 100000 foreigners from all over the world to study, work and live in Jiangsu for a long time. Overseas tourists in Jiangsu have exceeded 6 million annually.

Vice Minister of publicity department, the provincial government information office director Si Jinquan said, "happy Jiangsu" was founded in 2010, through the promotion of Chinese life, consulting, talent show, folk music exchange, exhibition, photography folk songs and other activities, enrich the cultural life of Jiangsu resident foreign friends, highlights the charm of Jiangsu's cultural environment, show the good atmosphere of open Jiangsu, harmonious Jiangsu, with Jiangsu, Jiangsu has become an important brand image promotion, foreign exchange.

The Chinese speech contest for foreigners has been held for many years in the United States, Britain and Japan for the first time. This year is the first time to increase the domestic competition. It is understood that the game will help Jiangsu radio and television station "If You Are The One" stage, to create a characteristic of Jiangsu, the promotion of Chinese game open up a fresh outlook. In the finals scheduled for October, 18 players will answer questions and keynote speeches through competitions, and compare foreign players' understanding of Chinese culture and Jiangsu regional knowledge. Meng Fei, Huang Han will be invited as special guests at the scene for the game wonderful comments.

As a highlight of "Tong Le Jiangsu", the talent competition for foreigners singing has been held for the fourth time this year. So far, tens of thousands of foreign athletes from more than 100 countries and regions have participated in this activity. They not only sing Chinese songs, but also bring Chinese traditional talent, such as Peking Opera, calligraphy, martial arts and paper cutting. From 7 to October, the network registration will be held, and 24 groups of players will be selected to enter the November semi-finals. Finally, the 12 groups of players will show their demeanor at the final awards evening at the end of the year.

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