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Dubai Tourism Bureau launched a multilingual "Dubai expert" training program

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Dubai Tourism Bureau launched a multilingual "Dubai expert" training program

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Recently, the Dubai Tourism Bureau have been issued in 40 countries around the world in 12 languages including English version, the "Dubai expert" training project, covering English, French and Chinese languages, Russian, German, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, polish, Czech training and Spanish language. Dubai Tourism Bureau will be a new training program is extended to the broader international tourism market, the tourist industry is committed to working with partners to showcase Dubai collaboration diversified tourism resources.

During the Arabia rendezvous in 2017, the Dubai Tourism Bureau launched the English version of the English version of the "Dubai expert" training program. More than 80% of the professional travellers who registered and tried the project expressed their willingness to recommend the project to others. 72% indicated that they learned a lot about Dubai's tourism knowledge and enjoyed the training process from the game.

The "Dubai expert" training program is an online training tool, which is developed and promoted by the Dubai Tourism Institute. Its clear interface shows many tourist information in Dubai. This training platform enables travel agencies to grasp the latest trend of Dubai tourism information and help travel agencies to provide customized and unique travel experience for their potential customers. The training platform is designed for the travel agency to promote and promote Dubai more effectively. This training program will enable travel agencies to have a deeper understanding of Dubai and make customized tours for tourists through the use of diverse tourism products.

"Dubai experts" in the form of online card games, show Dubai tourism related information. Each card is equipped with a scenic spot in Dubai. Players need to select the most appropriate cards from many cards generated automatically according to the basic information of travelers, so as to create the most suitable Dubai trip for travelers. There are 30 different kinds of tasks, composed of different types of travellers and their information, the more reasonable the combination of scenic spots or activities, the higher the score will be obtained. The platform also provides 25 professional videos, covering all aspects of family entertainment, food, shopping, theme parks, cultural and historical heritage, and provides guidance for Dubai travel. The player who successfully completed 20 tasks and watched all 25 videos could become a "Dubai expert". If you want to become a higher level "Dubai expert", you will not only successfully complete all 30 tasks, watch 25 videos, and answer all the questions about Dubai automatically, but also build all the spots that appear in all the tasks on the 3D map. The trained travel agency will receive the "Dubai expert certification certificate" and will have the opportunity to participate in the market activities of the Dubai Tourism Bureau.

Dubai Tourism Bureau Chief Executive Issam Kazim said: "Dubai experts' project is committed to promoting international tourism trade, Dubai will be the latest travel information and partners to maintain synchronization, and ensure that all travel agencies and travel agents to its destination is promoting a deeper understanding. The "Dubai expert" project is an important part of achieving the 2020 goal - the reception of 20 million visitors in the year.

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