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The opening ceremony of "oral Chinese training for parliamentarians in the legislative assembly" was held in Thailand

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The opening ceremony of "oral Chinese training for parliamentarians in the legislative assembly" was held in Thailand

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Bangkok, January 23 (reporter Lin Rui) January 23rd, the opening ceremony of "oral Chinese training for members of legislative assembly" jointly conducted by the Secretariat of the house of Lords of Thailand and the Confucius School of Kasetsart University, Thailand, was held in Thailand Houses of Parliament. It marks the further deepening of the popularization of Chinese language at the senior level of the Thailand government.

"In China proposed" The Belt and Road 'initiative, Thailand actively promote the "4 big background" economic strategy, is high-level exchanges between the two countries in terms of policy communications is more and more important." Lv Jian, the Chinese ambassador to Thailand, said in his speech at the opening ceremony, the Chinese application of parliamentarians in exchanges and visits will produce unexpected results in enhancing understanding, liaison and enhancing communication, and promoting further cooperation between China and Thailand at the legislative level.

"The influence of Chinese on Thailand has expanded to all aspects. Whether at the government level or in terms of industry and tourism, the demand for Chinese talents in various fields in Thailand is increasing." Thailand's National Legislative Council Conference minister Peng Bi said that the training will further enhance the friendly relations between China and Thailand, and become a link to promote cooperation in other areas.

According to reports, the training for the members of tailored textbooks, helping lawmakers master high-level visits in the process of communication, conversation, reception, and local customs and practices, such as political and economic oral expression, promote the members to deepen "The Belt and Road construction and Chinese cultural understanding and recognition. A total of 20 members participated in the training. The teacher was the dean of the Agricultural University.

If we can communicate with each other directly, even a few words or sentences can help us to get closer to each other. This is also the same in high-level communication. Gao Huimin, the Chinese President of the Agricultural University of Confucius, said in an interview with the newspaper reporter. Wuxi will also carry out a lot of training in Chinese language in Wuxi.


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