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The childrens English training how to more awesome, to give children a better learning experience

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The childrens English training how to more awesome, to give children a better learning experience

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In recent years, the rapid expansion of the English training market in Wuxi, in order to occupy a space for one person in the market, the children's English training institutions have launched different models to attract students and parents; the market system is not strong, there are illegal institutions closed or deserted situation almost every year; when parents want to send their children to go to school, but the harvest does not reach the ideal effect; children's English training how awesome? To give children a better learning experience and effect?

Individualized learning - helping children develop good learning habits

A variety of teaching mode, so that parents and children too busy to attend to all, many parents admitted that many teaching institutions boast how special and magical, in fact the child's learning effect is just passable, many parents began to give children the frequent replacement of different training institutions.

The present idea hype is overheated, the actual effect is different, the parents suffer the helpless, the child learns English is frustrated. Steven, vice president of the Bingham and Chinese English, proposed three points for school selection.

1. The proper number of classes.

According to the relevant experimental data, no more than 6 students in the classroom are the most suitable, 1-4 people are the best, and enough opening opportunities make children learn more effectively. Bingming Han children's English takes four person small class teaching mode. We can see that every student speaks actively in class, and the teacher can also pay attention to every student. It can be seen that the teaching mode of small class should be the first choice for parents.

2, arrange the class hours according to the needs of the children to learn English.

If the parents fixed arrangements for children learning English only from their own life and work time point of view, this is clearly not conducive to improve the children's English learning, English learning is a need to persevere things, is to test the child, but also a test of parents, parents should be in accordance with the needs of children's English learning process to arrange.

3, ensure linear continuous learning, and cultivate good learning attitude and learning habits.

The language is accumulated, and the children learning English is the most important learning attitude, also is to let the children develop good study habits, if in the process of learning, there are a large number of absences, leakage class phenomenon, will certainly affect children learn English harvest experience, choice can solve the problem of the training institutions the most important. For this reason, bobinghan's English is not based on the individualized mode of tuition, giving the children the greatest guarantee for learning, so that they can really learn knowledge.

Personalized learning mode can be effectively guaranteed in terms of class number, class hour and linear learning condition, so as to promote children's enthusiasm in learning English and develop good learning habits. Personalized learning has brought the children with efficient knowledge absorption, careful and considerate service also makes the parents very satisfied.

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