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Wuxi: parents worry, locution education through childrens English learning path

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Wuxi: parents worry, locution education through childrens English learning path

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If you pay attention to the children who take the children to school, they will often find such a scene. Their parents communicate with their children in English and their mothers carry their schoolbags for their children, while the children are reading English reading books in the gap between the traffic lights. Yes, most families now pay special attention to their children's English education, and pay attention to training from childhood. In order to allow babies to learn English from a professional system from an early age, more and more parents will choose to give their children an English training class.


So in the end of the children's English pay attention to what the problem? Between the lifting ability and how to stimulate interest and to balance? When the children's English training has gradually become a social hot spot, how truly anxious parents of children are anxious, difficult to provide more scientific quality teaching service become the children's English training institutions now have to face.

In fact, for children English learning, the training institutions need to pay attention to and do well that the parents have been concerned about those points. In the Xicheng the many children's English training institutions, language education as a new rising quality brand, are constantly striving to do English teaching service, win the trust and choice of more and more parents and children.

First, where do parents pay attention to children's English learning?

Founded in the language education started, the team has done a lot of market research, aiming at the present situation of children's English education, received a questionnaire survey. They found that in these questionnaires, in fact, education for all parents very seriously, but at the same time their confusion is greater than anxiety, problems and mistakes of English education, so it requires English educators to have enough patience and broad perspective, to help parents understand their children learn English direction.

Two, where is the direction of children's English training?

As China's voice on the international stage is getting louder and louder, we can fully feel that China's position in the international arena is improving. The future is bound to be internationalized, and English education must also take internationalization as the direction. The children need to start from the consolidation of basic English, vocabulary, grammar and gain quality, to enhance the ability of spoken and written English, with English culture learning, achieve high energy status, form a good habit of thinking in English, this is the correct concept of learning english.

Three, Ying Ling children's English education in what to do?

Key points of attention in current English learning and parents' education, language adhere to their teaching philosophy, always with the interests of students as the starting point and the center of teaching, from teaching environment, hardware equipment, teaching courses provide a full English teaching service for children.

The essence of language learning is to apply knowledge to practice. In the early days of employment, the future of employment is based on the vision of "returning to the essence of education", starting with the initiation of English, and letting children really like English. On the basis of cultivating students' comprehensive language ability, they should strengthen their imagination, cross-cultural communication ability, communication and cooperation and many other comprehensive abilities. Ying Ling education focused on children English ability, to provide a comprehensive solution for children's English learning, children can not only enhance the listening and speaking ability to read and write, but also cultivate English thinking, feel English culture, and eventually become a teenager can use english.

Finally, view of housekeeping are for real education evaluation language.

Parents: A language environment is very good, from the whole to the details can see this is a very good campus, the campus staff is very enthusiastic, teachers are also very serious and responsible, the class atmosphere is very active, kids love. Every time after class, we have to stay in the campus for a long time to get back, and go home to finish the homework. The types and forms of homework are very unique, and they can also learn and consolidate themselves at home. After a period of learning, the children have begun to unwittingly begin to spit words and sentences. It is really a great surprise and relief.

B: parents daughter 4 years old birthday is with small classmates Whisperwind together, baby very happy, ha ha! Open environment, the teacher is very enthusiastic, each received are asked not to locution from kindergarten.

The education of children is undoubtedly a very important part of their life. As a child's parent, the education of children can play a decisive role in the education of children. Each decision of the parent will affect the child's educational career and then affect the child's life plan. Therefore, as a parent, when choosing children's English training institutions for children, we must choose the institutions that are reliable and have excellent teaching quality, so that we can bring more help to children.

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