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Suggestions for Korean Beginners: how should Korean learning begin?

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Suggestions for Korean Beginners: how should Korean learning begin?

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Is Korean good to learn? This is the most frequently asked question by the young partners who have learned the will of Korean, the talent of the individual, the difference of the degree of effort, and the difficulty of being easy to generalize. Here are a few small suggestions for beginners to make it easier for Korean to learn - to give you a surprise!


1. since it is a language learning, nature can not be dumb gnawing books, if the conditions must be reported to the tutorial class, please instruct the teacher personally. The teacher knows the key and difficult points of learning, and more importantly, pronunciation is very important for beginners. If no one corrects your mistakes in time, it will be even harder for them to correct them after developing wrong pronunciation habits. There is no condition in class now, I also recommend the past two years the popular video lesson to everyone, different from the general listening audio simply read the text, video lecture teacher, can help students understand the teacher, can see the mouth of pronunciation, pronunciation is more accurate, more pictures are enough to make students more focus.

2. interest is the best teacher. It is easy to get enough interest in learning Korean. Listen to more, even if you can't understand the contents of it, you have to get your brain. Working, studying, doing housework, and listening to Korean dramas with Korean brother before sleeping, with full learning motivation, Korean is no longer difficult.

3. objectively speaking, I think Korean is a good language to learn. Unlike Chinese, there are so many Chinese characters in Japanese, though we are Chinese, it is not difficult, nor is it like Spanish, which is difficult to pronounce in Russian. A lot of Korean pronunciation is simple, the words are similar to Chinese, and they are phonetic alphabets, only need to remember the basic sound, spelling can be.

4. if there are difficulties, that is the word order and Chinese gap, not our familiar SVO two is SOV, so do not meet many beginners. Furthermore, Korean language belongs to agglutinative language, to connect with other components through a variety of word deformation, which is a major difficulty in the learning time. Find a good learning platform, try to get accustomed to word order, grasp the rules of deformation, and the rest is to memorize words. Learning Korean training in Wuxi is so easy. Are you ready?

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