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What do I have to tell you about a good Chinese way of learning

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What do I have to tell you about a good Chinese way of learning

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What are the good methods for Chinese learning? When foreigners learn Chinese, it is unavoidable to think of this problem. Good morning Chinese Zhao thought that it is very important to have a good scientific method for Chinese to learn Chinese. Today, I will tell you what Chinese learning methods are.

The teacher in the Chinese language teaching for many years summed up a series of comprehensive training in Wuxi Chinese learning method, and many foreigners are learning Chinese share:

1., integrate into the Chinese language environment, persist in long-term learning, communicate with Chinese people more frequently, and translate written language into spoken language at the same time, accomplish the memory and use of theory knowledge in practice. Go out to eat, buy things, you can speak bravely in Chinese, do not be afraid of strangers. Everything develops to maturity. There is a process. Learning Chinese is also the same as Chinese.

2., try to understand each word repeatedly, and use pure and associative memory to understand every word or sentence based on the deep understanding of its meaning. Only with the comprehensive understanding of their own knowledge reserves, the learned things into their own knowledge can be applied flexibly.

3., try to ensure the accuracy of pronunciation. We must listen to the pure Chinese more, then imitate the vocalization exercises, and recommend the news broadcast, because the hosts here are standard Mandarin.

4. we should learn more about grammar, enhance their sense of language, and expand sentences with grammar, so that half the success of Chinese.

5. increase the vocabulary, because words are the basis of the statement, just like building a house to hold the foundation. Without a reserve of words, there will be no ability to create a sentence.

What are the good methods for Chinese learning? There are a lot of good ways, but the most important thing is to suit you. Foreigners learn Chinese step by step, based on basic teaching psychology. I hope this method can help more foreign friends to master Chinese as soon as possible.


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