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What is the importance of learning English?

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What is the importance of learning English?

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The importance of learning English

(1) English is the most common international language in the world, and it is also the most widely used language in the world. According to the statistics of 1986, nearly 400 million of the people in the world are native to English, and about one person in almost every ten people speak English. English is spoken by people in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. About 20 countries in the world use English as the official or second language, with a total of about 800 million people. That is to say, about one person in almost every five people in the world knows English at least to a certain degree. If the number of students learning English in the world's primary and secondary school students, the number of people who understand English is more.

(2) the use of English is very wide. More than 70% of the world's mail is written in English or in English. 60% of the world's radio programs are carried out in English. Most of the information in the world is published in English. Most of the international conferences are English as the first general language, and it is also one of the formal working languages of the United Nations. In a word, English is an important communication tool in the fields of international politics, military, economy, science and technology, culture, trade, transportation and other fields. With the continuous expansion of China's opening to the outside world, the continuous progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of international status, there is an urgent need to create a large number of specialized talents who are proficient in foreign languages, so as to speed up the process of "four modernizations" and make our country play a greater and more active role in international affairs. Therefore, learning English well is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance for the realization of the above goals.

We need to learn the advanced technology of others

China has indeed undergone tremendous changes in recent decades and has developed rapidly in all aspects. However, it is undeniable that we still lag behind the western advanced countries in a lot of technical aspects. To develop, to make progress, to master all kinds of technology in a relatively short time, we can not study by ourselves alone, and we must learn the advanced technology of others. And the necessary premise of learning is to master the world general technical communication language, our tool - English. Let's take computer program development as an example: Although the current computer operation system is already in Chinese version, it must be written in English for application development. Most of the high and new technology materials are written in English. Although the development of India is not more than China in many aspects, the software development industry of India is much more developed than China. One of the important reasons for this gap is that the programmers in India have a higher level of English than Chinese programmers.

Cooperation with countries in the world needs English

While learning from other people's advanced technology and experience, we also need to develop various technical and economic cooperation with all the countries of the world. If you do not understand English, you can not communicate with the partners, and not to talk about cooperation. For example, a company has developed a world level product, and if it can open the international market, the future will be a bright future. But the company doesn't understand English, can't communicate with foreign customers well, and can't show the excellent performance of the product, it will be a heavy loss.

Need to learn according to practical application

Now that we have discussed English before, it is actually just a tool. Before learning, we should first understand clearly the purpose of learning English. Is it a literary creation or a practical job? I believe that most people learn English because of their job needs, so English is just a tool that enables us to communicate with western countries and learn advanced Western technologies. In the past, Chinese English education is mainly to read a large number of literary works, but in fact, this practice is more harmful to English beginners than good. For example, a stewardess, what she needs to master is only a verbal inquiry about what the guests need, or the simple information about the local weather. Reading literary works can be said to be no help to her work. Before we learn English, we should repeatedly emphasize the use of English as a tool and to know exactly what we need to do with this tool. Determine the content and methods of learning according to the specific needs. If your career is a stewardess, it's clear that you don't have to understand Shakespeare's work.

English is the middle, the middle is the English.

There are a lot of people in learning English when there is a psychological suggestion that English is a foreign language and it must not be compared with the mother tongue. But this idea is not true. Whether Chinese or English is just a language, just a tool for communication between people. As long as you can speak Chinese well, there is no reason why you cannot speak English well. The reason why many people feel that English is difficult to learn is only a matter of time and environment. Since we were born, we have been learning, working, playing, eating or even sleeping and dreaming, and we have been using Chinese all the time. And the time we use in English is relatively poor. If we study and use English as learning and Chinese, I believe that anyone with a normal language ability can master English well.

Some people say that childhood is the best time to learn the language, and it is difficult to learn a new language. Of course, there is some truth in this statement, but it is not inevitable. Many decades old people have been able to communicate with people in English only a few years after they have migrated overseas, because they have to use English for their food and clothing. While some immigrants stay in Chinatown all their lives, they only deal with Chinese all their lives. Even if they live in foreign countries for more than ten years, they do not have to speak a few sentences in English. This indicates that the key is still in the long term application.

Pay attention to the cultivation of a good sense of language

All the time, English training in Wuxi emphasizes grammar learning. As a result, the grammar is very fine, but it does not speak a few fluent English. Because when you talk, your brain is going over and over with various grammatical rules to see what you want to say. How can you speak English fluently? The practice of emphasizing grammar learning in China makes many people think that grammar is the only way to have language. It is not known that language is actually in fact. For a long time, all kinds of usage are relatively fixed. In fact, most of the people who use English do not understand grammar, but they can still use English well to communicate with others. Man has a natural language ability, which is a sense, not a rule. This feeling is produced by a long time application. Only with this feeling, you can express your thoughts in English fluently without taking any more time to consider any grammatical problems.

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