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Network learning Chinese is becoming more and more popular in Chinese Learning

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Network learning Chinese is becoming more and more popular in Chinese Learning

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The president of the United States general Trone granddaughter Arabella Chinese sing songs, recite "Three Character Classic" video fire; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began to learn Mandarin a few years ago; Amazon founder Geoff Bezos, let the children from the primary school chinese......

With the rise of China's international influence, the position of Chinese in the world is becoming more and more prominent. And the development of the Internet, so that more "foreigners" started the journey of learning Chinese.

Internationalization of Chinese Learning

In Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries, Chinese teaching has gradually been put on the agenda.

In 2013, the British Association for cultural education listed Chinese as one of the 5 most important languages for the future prosperity, safety and influence of the UK. In September 2016, the British government launched the Chinese teaching project "excellent Chinese teaching". The goal is to train 5000 English students who can fluently use Chinese in 2020.

The census published by the United States Committee on international education shows that Chinese has become the fourth major foreign language course for primary and secondary school students in the United States. The number of people studying Chinese in the US is increasing. There are more than 500 schools in the US, and the number of Chinese schools has increased to about 200000.

According to the Russian Federation Education Scientific Supervision Bureau data, 2016-2017 years Russia has approximately 1700 students in learning chinese. Russian media said that for the first time, Russia has established a Chinese Syllabus for intermediate compulsory education (grade five or above), and plans to set up a unified national examination based on this plan, which may be implemented in 2019.

In November 18th, the Confucius School of Khon Kaen University in Thailand held fourth primary and secondary school Chinese tests in the year. 5012 candidates took the exam at the same time, and the number of examinees was the highest.

In Vietnam, the pursuit of Chinese TV plays on the Internet has become an important part of the life of young people. Many people have pursued the play all night and even specializes in tutoring classes to learn Chinese.

Reported that the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi foreign trade university Chinese learning club is "Chinese class" loyal fans. Aware of the young audience's demand for Chinese entertainment, many Vietnamese websites have begun to introduce various kinds of Chinese entertainment programs.

The interest of the Vietnamese to learn Chinese is driven by the hot play of Chinese dramas. Wuxi Chinese language training says she has a new center in the vicinity of three universities and can attract 30 new students a month. In addition to Chinese TV dramas, Chinese Internet literature is also very popular in Vietnam, and a large number of Chinese Web novels have been translated into Vietnamese publishing and selling.

Chinese Internet novels have been popular in English speaking countries since 2015. The number of active readers in the "Wuxia world" of the famous Chinese Web novel translation website has been over 2 million 500 thousand. The translation website has gradually become an important base for foreign readers to learn Chinese culture.

Wuxi Chinese training and learning patterns

As Chinese people learn foreign language habits from the Internet to find information, with the development of the network, the means for foreigners to learn Chinese are also increasingly diversified.

In addition to school classrooms, Confucius institutes or other Chinese teaching and training institutions, many Chinese enthusiasts are keen to learn Chinese and understand China through the Internet. Video site YouTube (YouTube) had a lot of friends opened a free learning Chinese channel, browse the highest volume has reached 3 million 660 thousand people, the popular channel "Yoyo Chinese (yo Chinese)" learn Chinese now "(learning Chinese now)" and "Fluent in (fluent Chinese)". Teaching staff is Chinese, have been studying in Chinese "china".

In addition to free online video courses, many online courses are also popular with Internet users. For example, "eChineseLearning (online learning Chinese)" and "italki (Etoc)" online Chinese teaching platform, through the platform to find foreign friends in online tutor, even can find from Chinese users of oral practice, improve oral English pronunciation. On the Internet, there is even a study software specially designed for the Chinese proficiency test to help students prepare for the examination.

A survey of 500 British companies showed that 28% of the companies believed that Chinese was very helpful to the company's business.

"The whole world is speaking Chinese" has become a fact. In the tropics of China, Chinese is hot in Chinese, and the charm of Chinese is being recognized all over the world. As the song sings, "all kinds of colors of the skin of all kinds of hair, the words in the mouth begin to pop in Chinese." We have been practicing English pronunciation and grammar for many years, and in these years we have changed their tongues.


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