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The Chinese optional subject system of

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The Chinese optional subject system of

Date of release:2018-03-19 00:00 Source: Click:

Said Olga Vassileva, Minister of the Russian Ministry of education and science, and zabaykalsky Krai in the Russian Far East in 2019 of the national examination of the students can choose to participate in the examination of Chinese subject. "In many parts of Russia, Chinese teaching has been carried out in many areas," Vassileva said. We have sufficient conditions to incorporate Chinese into the language of the general examination of these areas. "

Earlier, in the Russian Department of education and science to expand the meeting, Russian Deputy Minister, director of Ministry of education of the Russian Teaching Supervision Bureau Clough Niyazov also revealed that the Russian Education Supervision Bureau has completed the development of Chinese held the national unified examination work, ready to put the Chinese into the Russian national examination, which is equivalent to the China entrance examination. He said that the Chinese into Russian examination preparatory work has been completed in 2017, including written and oral examinations, Chinese test technology has been developed, the required reference materials ready, talent reserves have been completed, ready to take the Chinese as the English, German, French and Spanish after fifth can be selected into the foreign language the final evaluation system.

In recent years, with the continuous development of friendly relations between the two countries, mutual understanding between the two peoples have a strong desire, not only in Siberia and the Far East and adjacent areas China these appeared Chinese strong demand for learning, in Moscow, St Petersburg and other big city, Chinese popularity is also rising. Speaking fluent Chinese in Russia has become an enviable skill.

The university is the main platform for the Russians to learn Chinese. The survey published by the National Normal University of Yaroslavl last year showed that college students accounted for 39% of the total number of Chinese learners in Russia. The Moscow International College of higher commerce is one of the first Russian Universities to set up a Chinese language course. It has been teaching Chinese for 15 years. The school of international department director Natalia Gavrilovna told reporters that they were at the beginning of this century has seen a huge potential China economic development, realize China will be Russia's next best partner, so early to set up Chinese course. The current Chinese curriculum has covered many aspects, such as economy, finance, commerce, culture, law and so on.

Referring to the current Russian upsurge in Chinese, Natalia Gavrilovna joked that "there are all kinds of Chinese training classes in every corner of Russia". She believes that the demand for Chinese talents is increasing, especially for Chinese experts, such as economics, law and so on. However, there are still some problems in the quality of teaching in Russian and Chinese. It is a very important signal to bring Chinese into the unified examination, which can improve the level of the Chinese language and the quality of Chinese teaching.

In addition to the Chinese language training in Wuxi, new Chinese learning channels, such as online courses and learning groups, are also being explored. The reporter saw that on the famous Russian social networking site VK, the number of fans of the Chinese group has exceeded 100 thousand.

According to the statistics of the Russian tourism agency, the volume of Chinese tourists to Russia in 2017 increased by 14.7%, to 1 million 470 thousand. At present, in the background of the tourist hot of Chinese tourists to Russia, Russia is actively cultivating a Russian guide that is proficient in Chinese. Thanks to this, many Russian airports, hotels, business centers and many other places have Chinese identification. Some waiters will use simple Chinese to communicate with guests.


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