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The Internet revolution of Chinese language training market of Shanghai and other well-known institutions have incoming Online

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The Internet revolution of Chinese language training market of Shanghai and other well-known institutions have incoming Online

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A few months ago, an American Silicon Valley recruitment paid nanny information Huobian the circle of friends, the annual salary of 110 thousand to 130 thousand U.S. dollars (about 840 thousand yuan), five days to rest five days, including a full set of health care, dental and eye care technology company and all the same benefits, let digital agricultural faint cry in the toilet. And the most important thing to be like this is to speak Chinese.

This is a miniature of the international status of Chinese. With the rise of China's economy, more and more foreigners realize that learning Chinese is no longer just interest, but to increase one important skill and even enhance their competitiveness.

The gap between supply and demand in the world is huge

What is the heat of Chinese in foreign countries? A set of data can explain the problem.

In Britain, Chinese is incorporated into the national education system. The local government put forward to 2020, Chinese learning number to reach 400 thousand; the same is 2020, Chinese learning of students in the United States will reach 1 million people; in Australia, the number has reached 173 thousand, the total number of enrollment of 4.7%; Russia related institutions predict that by 2027, the number of Russian students learning Chinese at least one times more than now 17 thousand, and in 2020 will be incorporated into the national unified examination of Chinese as a foreign language.

According to Hanban official statistics, the current global Chinese learners at around two hundred million people, in 2016 to participate in the test of Chinese learners in about 7 million; there are more than 60 countries in the world by decree decree etc. will be incorporated into the national education system of Chinese teaching, offer Chinese courses or professional Chinese in more than 170 countries. The Chinese language teaching in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand and other countries all increased from third foreign languages to second foreign languages.

Although demand is strong, however, because Chinese demand is mostly abroad, high-quality Chinese teachers' resources and teaching contents are also scarce. The Ministry of education has predicted that the gap of Chinese teachers worldwide is more than 5 million.

However, in the other side of the market, there are a lot of professional teachers and teacher training institutions in China. They are eager to teach more foreigners Chinese to increase returns.

Online education head enterprises into the outside Chinese field

In the past, the Han Chinese market has been in a mountainous and difficult climate because of the scattered and small group of students. In addition to Confucius Institute, there are few high brand value-added businesses on the market. As the technology innovation, many Wuxi Chinese training institutions began to transition to the net, the regional gap is broken, the head of the enterprise also relies on online education platform and technology, have incoming.

The standard of lack of teachers is difficult to be unified

Many online education head enterprises enter the Han industry outside the market, which has huge business opportunities. The pain and challenges can not be ignored. The core problem is teachers.

An excellent foreign teacher not only needs fluent spoken and written English and good educational background, but also needs life experience and rich teaching experience. Otherwise, it will be easy to get out of touch in the teaching process. In view of the language and pronunciation characteristics of different countries, different Chinese teaching methods should be explored.

On the other hand, high quality textbooks and supplementary resources are scarce, teachers are preparing for lessons, and there is still a problem of nationalization in Chinese teaching. The characteristics and needs of learners in different countries are often different. There are not many targeted textbooks. From this point of view, how to develop systematic, standardized and standardized Chinese teaching mode and curriculum system is a problem that training institutions should consider when making efforts in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.


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