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Wuxi foreign language training tens of thousands of such expensive courses, who is teaching?

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Wuxi foreign language training tens of thousands of such expensive courses, who is teaching?

Date of release:2018-04-16 00:00 Source: Click:

4, this newspaper spent 60 thousand yuan on computer learning English. As a topic, it reported the chaos of foreign language training institutions, which attracted wide attention from readers. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 foreign language training institutions in Wuxi and 30 registered institutions in the Municipal Education Bureau. Who are taking part in these expensive training? Is the course really "amazing"? The day before this reporter made a visit.

What is the high price of a course for tens of thousands of dollars?

Why does an English course cost tens of thousands of dollars in institutions like Wall Street English and Wiebe International English training? What can such expensive expenses learn? The day before, the reporter came to the identity of the students in an English learning center of Taihu Metro "". After a simple test of English grammar, vocabulary and listening, the reporter was taken to a separate office.

In the office, a luxury brand consultant Xiao Hua (pseudonym) chatted with a reporter. After exploring the reporter's situation, he tested the reporter's spoken English with a simple English conversation. "I feel that if you communicate with foreigners, there is a big gap between you and your current level is M2. To achieve accessibility in the exhibition, I suggest that your target level should be B3. (M2 and B3 are the horizontal systems defined by the center). He said that from M2 to B3, you need to learn 5 levels, which takes about 20 months. "I think your basis is very good, but because of the lack of English communication environment, so oral communication has a lot of problems, our foreign teachers can give you a real English environment to practice."

Xiao Hua takes out the price list, and the takeoff price of class VIP (one to one class) is more than 50 thousand yuan, and the total cost is up to 10 million yuan according to the "learning goal" given by Xiao Hua to the reporter. "The daughter of a certain estate manager is studying here, and he paid 100 thousand yuan at one time." Xiaohua told reporters constantly display their high-end customers, want reporters to believe that their strength". The reporter was not interested in the VIP course and recommended a regular course to reporters. "The regular class is a teacher and four students, which is about thirty-six thousand yuan."

When the reporter has already understood enough information, because the amount is big to go back to consider, Xiao Hua let the reporter put "order" first, "today you first pay 2000 yuan of the deposit, we can give you a contract number first, so you can give you a discount of 5000 yuan, even if you finally do not sign a contract." The 2000 yuan can still be refunded. " See the reporter still refuses to pay money, he has a move again, "so, you leave 200 yuan deposit, but this 200 yuan cannot retreat." When the reporter refused to pay all kinds of fees and finally asked to go out of the centre, he found that he had stayed in it for more than two hours.

Who is teaching such an expensive course?

In this learning center, the reporter also listened to a colloquial colloquial class of foreign teachers. Most of the students who attended the study were students who looked like young adults, including about 1/3 adults. "For their age group, the 100 thousand yuan course is not astronomical." There are many CEOs and executives who study English here, and business English negotiations, immigration is the main reason for these elite to learn English.

But according to the reporter, most of the adults studied here are usually dressed in plain clothes, and their faces are obviously worn out. Most of them want to improve their professional English level through English class and get to know high-end people. "I thought there were executives and bosses in my classmate, who expanded their connections and who knew they were all cocks." During the class break, Miss Zhou and reporters chatted and did not hide their disappointment. "The foreign teachers feel no business experience, let us talk about the story, most of the time is that people discuss each other, some students because English is not good, just to chat in Chinese."

According to the people concerned, most of the "foreign teachers" in Wuxi have no relevant English teaching certificates. In the recruitment of many institutions, it is not a hard doorsill to hold the certificate of English teaching. "These foreign teachers do what they do abroad, and most of them never teach. Even foreigners who come to China for tourism are also temporarily drawn up as teachers. People in the industry say that the income of foreign teachers is not high, and the general monthly salary is about ten thousand yuan. "The foreign teaching income of the teaching certificate will be higher, but it is not much more than the price of these institutions."

After signing a contract, I regret that "brainwashing" marketing has many disadvantages.

For example, the "clearance" training fee of twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, such as luxury goods, can not prevent many people from entering these institutions. "In fact, I wanted to go in for consultation at that time. I didn't expect to sign the contract in a confused way. I felt I had been cheated after coming out." Citizen Xiao Su (pseudonym) talked about the experience of English in Wall Street in Wuxi last year. The biggest impression was that he had been "lost consciousness" by the sales staff at that time, and she applied for a refund in second days. After 3 months, she returned some refunds.

"At the very beginning, I wanted to go in and look at it and think that it doesn't matter if money doesn't leave. When they started to say that they didn't have enough money, they told me that they could pay for their loans, and I said they would go back to discuss the matter. But what little Su could not imagine was that three "course consultants" surrounded her. Not only through the "loan audit", muddleheaded signed a contract of course. "At that time, the three of them surrounded me and told me that they had a 5000 yuan discount today, and that they could send me a course, and that the money could be refunded. Three people talked around me for nearly 3 hours. I really don't want to report it. When I go home, I feel like I'm completely fooled by signing a contract.

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