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Where is the difficulty of Chinese pronunciation?

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Where is the difficulty of Chinese pronunciation?

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Today, the Wuxi language wind comes to sum up, "foreigners learn the difficulty of Chinese pronunciation, but also hope that the Chinese teachers of foreign language pay much attention to the correction of these aspects in the teaching."

No.1 consonants "B D G" and "P T k"

This is obviously the difference between "air" and "no air". Most foreigners can send out these sounds, but some students are not used to it, because their mother tongue does not have this tone of breath, if the hair is especially obvious, it seems unpolite. At this time, the teacher must train the students to get used to the special aspirated sounds in Chinese.

No.2 consonants "F" and "H"

"F" when the pronunciation of the need to bite the lower lip of the upper teeth, "H" is the root of the tongue, both parts of the pronunciation and methods are different, as long as the emphasis on good position, it is easier to send the right. Korean people often do not know the two sounds, which is related to the pronunciation habits of the Korean language. If you let them read a "black fertilizer ash", it is estimated that some people become "flower ash".

No.3 consonant "L" "n"

It seems that the two sounds are not so big for the foreigners. There are no differences in teaching for so many years. But for some dialect people, this is the most difficult one. "Basketball" or "South ball", especially the "n", is especially difficult for him. He can't feel it. Here it is. In fact, "n" is the sound of the nose, "the" is the sound, if the nose pinched, "n" is definitely not out, when the hair "L", the mouth to open more large, pronunciation is not good, many times are not the correct opening of the mouth.

No.4 consonant "Z c s" "zh ch sh" and "J Q X"

Both of these sounds are very difficult for foreigners and people in the domestic dialects. One careless study has become "I send a few", so after the completion of the study, we must strengthen the practice of contrast. "Zh ch sh" should roll up the tongue, but do not roll too much, otherwise it will sound like a child. "J Q X" is the voice of the tongue. When reading, the mouth is left and right. "Z c s" is the tip of the tongue, and the mouth does not need to be left or right.

No.5 vowel "e"

"E" is one of the most disliked vowels of foreigners, and every time it is hard to stretch his neck, it leads to e related "u E" "en" "eng" and so on. When most people send e, they don't open their mouth. If the teacher sounds like it is wrong, it will make a big change for the students to open the mouth up and down.

No.6 vowel "U" "U"

If the student can't get out "U", the teacher can let the student send "I" first, then slowly turn the lips round, then become u. The biggest difference between I and u lies in the rounded lips. But when the students put the hair on the back, and often mixed with u, this time the teacher need to emphasize the "U" when the tip of the tongue leaning back, "U" when the tip of the tongue on the front, so it is separated. If the pronunciation is not full, or uo and ou are stupid, it is important to emphasize that the lips are pouted. Such u and u are the most correct.

No.7 "an" and "ang"

Many students can clearly send out ang, but the problem is that they can not keep the pronunciation, always send back to the an, the main difference between the two sounds is that one is a front nasal sound, the other is a back nasal sound, whether it is ang, eng or ing, when the hair is sent, the nasal cavity must remain in the back.

Pronunciation is the basis of learning Chinese. The training of Chinese in Wuxi needs to run through the whole teaching process. It is especially important in the early days. We all envy others who can speak a standard English or American English. The same is the same. Since the Chinese have been learned, we should try to abandon the foreign language.

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