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What is the interview of the 2018 International Chinese teacher certificate?

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What is the interview of the 2018 International Chinese teacher certificate?

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2018 "international Chinese teacher certificate" first written test results immediately came out, I believe a lot of small partners will begin to prepare for the interview in July, here in Wuxi Chinese training will give you a detailed introduction of the process of interview and the place to pay attention to!



Only those who pass the written test can take part in the interview.

The interview is divided into two parts: English and Chinese. Each link is divided separately, Chinese part 100 points, 60 minutes pass, English part 50, 30 pass, meaning that if you Chinese part of the pass, the English part failed, that is also can not get the certificate.

There are three examiners at the interview, usually the chief examiner in the middle, and then a professional English examiner will give you an English score.


The interview is divided into 5 parts, a total of 25 minutes. Before this, you will give you 30 minutes to prepare (to be arranged in a room to write basic information, then get the title, and make a draft).

1 foreign language self introduction: 2 minutes (the first link is the foreign language self introduction, everyone must go in directly in English to greet, and then start the introduction of the line, do not use Chinese to greeting, also can not see draft, otherwise it is likely to be deducted oh), this comparison simple, early back down good.

2 speaking lesson: 3 minutes (speaking lesson) is to introduce the teaching design of a material to the examiner and tell them how you intend to finish the teaching. These include teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching emphasis and teaching steps. In short, your narrating subjects are examiners.

3 trial speaking: 7 minutes (according to the material teaching demonstration, that is, if you really in class, how do you teach this material? At this time, the examiners are your students, but they will not interact with you, so you have to show yourself. All of them need to be prepared in advance. They can be carried out according to the steps of importing, explaining, practicing, organizing activities and writing blackboard writing.

4 Chinese questions and answers for 7 minutes. (examinees analyze two cases in reality, say their own views, one case is reflected in the test paper, can think well ahead of time, the other is put forward by the examiner at random, generally is related to grammar, teaching organization and classroom management.)

5 foreign language questions and answers for 6 minutes (this part of the English teacher will put forward two questions, usually related to cross cultural communication or overseas teaching problems, the first problem can be prepared in advance, second randomly put forward, need to listen carefully to what the teacher asks, don't ask questions)


Finally, remind you of the "Chinese teacher" to take part in the interview. Don't forget to bring 2B pencil, because it needs to fill in the basic information, and it is best to bring a watch, convenient time control. Personally, the impression of the interviewer will also affect the score of the examiner, so we should try to pay attention to the clothes, the manners and the politeness, for example, to wipe the blackboard at the end of the room, and to make a bow when entering the classroom, will leave a better impression on the examiners.

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