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Is this the Chinese in the eyes of a foreigner?

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Is this the Chinese in the eyes of a foreigner?

Date of release:2018-06-11 00:00 Source: Click:

         What does a foreigner look like in our eyes? Deep eyes, tall nose, golden hair, tall... Well, do you know what the Chinese look like in the eyes of foreigners?

          With rice, top hat, two door teeth and a pair of squint eyes. This is you in the eyes of foreigners...


As a matter of fact, the difference between China and the foreigners is inevitable because of the difference between the region and the country, but some "differences" are real misunderstandings.

           A Beijing girl named Cao Siyu is currently studying at the National University of Luqiao in France. When she understands the impression of the Chinese, she can't help crying. So she thought and moved her own brush to make these differences vivid and interesting. Even CCTV could not help but praise her.

I really don't eat cats. Chinese cat slaves can even circle the earth three times!

So reserved, shy, introverted and modest, I really am just not good at expressing...

I'm afraid I've never seen an unbeatable eye!

China's moon is eaten by dogs. This is true. It's weird!

Ha ha ha, Chinese are born like this. We are magical beings.

Greetings from foreigners: on the cheeks... Chinese: what do you do? Does he like me? When do we get married? In the future, China or foreign? What's the name of the child?

American: two people in a dorm. Briton: Oh, my God! A dorm actually sleeps two people! Chinese: God, a dorm actually sleeps only two people!

Chinese people, a pair of chopsticks eat all over the world.

Foreigner: I eat for work; Chinese: I eat to eat.

I know I like people, but is there any misunderstanding between them?

In China, there are nearly about 5000000 people in the districts and counties of a big city.

Foreigner: do not say, it is dry! Chinese: prudence is our attitude. Let's think about it again.

Foreigner: you look so beautiful! Chinese: ha ha ha. (inner Drama: the mother is the most beautiful)

What is an anger and no form in color? The Chinese are so small that you can't see the emotions.

But what's wrong with my eyes? Eat your family's bamboo! It's not that the whole world is rushing for me.

Western holidays: gifts and gifts; Chinese festivals: red envelopes, red envelopes and red packets.

Westerners can't wait to open gifts: they can't wait to open up.

Foreigner: I want black, black, black; Chinese: go out and paint three floors, not white but not going out.

Chinese: Oh, I'm fat again! Foreigner: am I an auditory hallucination? Or do I have any misunderstandings about fat?

Which country are you from? Chinese people。 So do you speak Chinese? Of course。 WOW! It's amazing! (??? Black people's question mark face? Is it strange that Chinese can speak Chinese?

Foreigners never understand the spicy Chinese.

Foreigner: Mom, I love you. Chinese: Mom, blblblah.

Chinese parents: why only 99 points? Why did you get a point?

Foreigner: solitary animals; Chinese: gregarious animals.

Photo of French high school students vs Chinese high school students

Chinese people are learning every day and dreaming.

In the peak period of China, the pig runs faster than the car.

The paintings that Cao had designed not only solved the misunderstanding of the Chinese people, but also expressed some of the differences of life and culture between China and foreign countries in the form of stories, vivid and interesting.

          Cao Siyu did not expect that the "little eyes" series of cartoons would spread so widely that they were recognized by so many people all over the world. She was very happy.

In this era of network information, the gap between culture and culture can not be eliminated, one culture can not fully understand the other, but we can use a lot of ways to help people to understand the world more fairly.

The world is big, we are very small, everyone is different, but we can understand each other and have fewer misunderstandings.

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