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Do you make more Chinese as a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language? What is the front (money) scene?

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Do you make more Chinese as a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language? What is the front (money) scene?

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To speak about the prospect of TCFL, we must first talk about the current treatment of TCFL teachers, so that you have a psychological preparation. Most of the teachers' class hours are only about 50 yuan, and the entrance threshold is low and the quality of teaching is different. The qualification certificate is flying, the registration fee and the training fee are more than high, but there is no place to admit that the main jobs are concentrated in the developed cities such as North and Guangzhou.

Next, talk about the future of the Chinese teacher of Chinese as a foreign language!

This is closely related to the comprehensive national strength. We should know why we learned English in those years. As the motherland is more and more prosperous, there are more and more people who want to learn Chinese. It seems that the employment of this line is becoming more and more easy, but with the development of science and technology, I really think that perhaps some day soon, Chinese teachers will be replaced by a certain app, so people's eyes still need to be relaxed, we should pay attention to teaching content, not teaching. Learning form, so even if one day, APP replaced life teacher, we can not eat, because the language can only rely on large data, and no way to let the machine start from scratch to think about the invention of a language, yes, and Weiqi.

For Xiao Bai who wants to join in the business, he still wants to say something that is not very practical. I hope you will hold on!

"What is the prospect of this line?" Perhaps I am too idealistic, so I can not understand the motive of asking this sentence. I do everything because I like it, so it has nothing to do with it in the future.

Just like, let's think about a scenario. Xiao Wang is your best friend, girl. She has been with a boy recently, and you are happy for her too. One day, the boy pulled you aside and asked, "I know you are her best friend. Do you know how much money she has? Do you think she can accomplish great things in her future? I think her profession is very popular, so I decided to stay with her.

What would you answer, please?

Well, after this boy asked you, one day, Xiao Wang ran to you with a red face and said, "he asked me to marry you. Do you think so? Will we both be happy? "

Excuse me, how do you answer this time?

Some people may think that I am pretentious, can "work" and "fall in love" be the same?

I think, the same. These two things can't be done without love. Teaching foreigners to learn Chinese is the same.


I had hoped to live a luxurious and extravagant life, but now I feel that everything else is not important as long as I can meet the basic needs.

Will it be a price to choose what you like? Of course, in the bank's friends, my salary is more than two times, my white-collar friends, weekend is the weekend, I have to prepare lessons for the weekend homework, HR friends, light loose a month 1W, the company is also a variety of welfare, I will not jealous, ah! Who doesn't like money! But every time I opened the computer to prepare lessons, every time I was in the class, I felt hot and boiling. I looked forward to every class. I looked forward to every lesson. I loved every student of my class. Only when I did these things, I felt "unselfish".

Although the beginning of the beginning also said, the current Chinese teachers are generally treated, but there are still a lot of people, even by their feelings, also for this cause glow fever, because they will have a day, there will be dawn!

I hope that there will be more people who love her in this industry, rather than those who take advantage of the prospect to take advantage of her.

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