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Teach you how to chat with a foreigner!

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Teach you how to chat with a foreigner!

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In addition to personal factors, there is also a very important point, that is, whether the topic is good or bad. We all met people who could not talk, and choked the other person in a single sentence. Then they naturally avoided this person. The same is true of chatting with foreigners. Cultural differences are more difficult because of differences in national culture. Therefore, we should pay attention to Wuxi English training!


Wrong demonstration: ask Korean students excitedly: "I heard that 2 million people went to Seoul yesterday. Did your president really buy Viagra?" This is a very obvious topic that we should be very taboo. The Koreans are famous nationalism. At present, this thing in their country can be said to make all the people disgraced.

The correct demonstration: talk about the Korean college entrance examination system, even Samsung's mobile phone problems in South Korea have any impact, can speak or discuss in depth, the political problem is best to avoid, because this is the most likely to play a topic of conflict.

Error model: ask the students voted for Hilary: "what do you think Trump elected, I think he is very good, this is a problem with the current, especially as the Chinese, if you do in the United States, otherwise the consequences will be grievous. Look at the students in the United States now and the professors who cried so you know.

The correct demonstration: we can discuss with them all the serious problems facing China, such as the gap between the rich and the poor, the children left behind, the household registration system and so on, so that they can find a balance in their mind.

Wrong demonstration: ask Japanese students: "why does Japan always say that we must manage the South China Sea? Do you think the Diaoyu Islands are yours?" As a matter of fact, the Japanese people are far away from politics, and the relationship between the two nationalities is very subtle. So do not have anything to do with it. There are many places to communicate in the Chinese and Japanese economy and culture, and learning from each other is the right way.

Correct demonstration: Japan's concept of disaster prevention, cultural awareness that does not give others trouble, animation or movies, etc., is a good starting point for chatting.

In a word, we can all be summed up as one. If we do not want to cause conflict in intercultural communication, we can avoid discussing politics and avoid discussing the negative hot issues that occur in his country at present. Because when foreigners ask you these questions in China, your heart is extremely uncomfortable, and even has a sense of face. Transposition thinking, the same as the foreigner, the most safe topic is from the differences in daily life and culture, interesting, so easy to chat, also to achieve better communication purpose!

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