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Today, did you give up learning Korean?

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Today, did you give up learning Korean?

Date of release:2018-08-01 00:00 Source: Click:

Why don't we understand Korean grammar?

Why is there a word I don't know?

How is it so difficult to speak Korean?!


Many times I want to give up training in Wuxi Korean, but I still insist on today's little buddy. You are really great!

Today I want to share with you two ways to practise speaking.

1. TV play dialogue and reading:

It's a very suitable way for small partners who like to watch plays.

Teleplay dialogues are generally relatively short, you can follow the repetition at any time, operability is very large, learn more daily content. Think of the first few Korean sentences that you learned first, not all from the TV series.

It's the same.

It's the same.

It's the same.

2. news and reading methods

The shadow and shadowing used to be popular in the English learning circle can still be used in Korean speaking learning. But it is slightly more difficult than TV play and reading. There are some conditions.

1) appropriate exercise materials

For Junior Middle School Korean learners, too much social or current news will affect the whole learning morale. We need the materials suitable for ourselves to be able to learn music.

2) full text

Intermittent play of the full text, one or two times, the main purpose is to understand the main idea, so as to facilitate the details of the place do not understand the context guess.

3) breakpoint play

Repeat the sentence as a unit, excavate every word in the process of repeating and repeatedly playing, every part of the reading weak reading, while listening and reading, until the complete sentence is read smoothly.

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