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Practicing Chinese to eat chicken with Chinese players

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Practicing Chinese to eat chicken with Chinese players

Date of release:2018-10-08 00:00 Source: Click:


"The last jedi" is a worldwide popular online game, even for those who are not familiar with the name, I believe I have heard of the recent >> Internet buzzword "eat chicken"! Moreover, China has long been the number one player, with nearly every server in the game's global reach meeting the Chinese (domestic players are said to account for more than half of global players).

Unexpectedly, many foreigners try to practice their Chinese language in order to eat chicken better with Chinese players Ha ha) left left left

Some people may think that foreigners do not like to play games with Chinese people, but the fact is that most of them like to play with Chinese people and eat chicken together. For this reason, many foreigners even go to reddit to discuss some Chinese meaning, which is really interesting!

Pictured above is a TieZhu words, small make up only some English ability, willing to give you translation: now the every game can in many Chinese, they are very interesting, very unity, therefore I also learned many Chinese, they give me something, I would say thank you, and I'm curious about what they say: what is the meaning of "chishi"!

The number of page views of this post is soaring every day, and many players who reply to this post are also excited, discussing how to communicate with Chinese teammates and other topics!

China no.

If you say China NO1, they will be happy. I believe you have heard many people say "China no" on the island many times, but many people find it boring. Below that pinyin is very funny, anyway later with the foreigner to play, do not always say F what!


When meeting Chinese people, just say "hello" to them, which is of course translated by me. This guy is also lovingly paired with English. This greeting, as many foreigners know, is a friendly and common greeting!


Every time I play games with Chinese people, it is a good game experience. They play games very seriously. This is one of the reasons why foreigners like to play games with us.

Eat chicken

"Eat chicken" "eat chicken" "eat chicken" "eat chicken" "eat chicken" "eat chicken" "eat chicken" "eat chicken" "eat chicken"

In addition, foreigners say that every time they play the game, they encounter many Chinese people who swear. Although it is common for foreigners to use foul language when playing games, we still hope that our Chinese players will not follow suit and keep our national image!

As a Chinese teacher, I didn't expect an online game to stimulate foreigners to learn Chinese.

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