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Matters needing attention for "Chinese song teaching method"

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Matters needing attention for "Chinese song teaching method"

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Chinese songs have always been a magic weapon to enhance students' learning interest and arouse the atmosphere in class. Learning to sing Chinese songs is of great help to students' spelling and pronunciation. Some new words can be sung by students though they cannot read them. This is not difficult to understand why many foreign students with better music sense have more comfortable command of Chinese tones, which is the experience of many first-line >> Chinese teachers!


So, which songs are suitable for teaching Chinese as a foreign language?

The following seven points were obtained after discussion by the teachers of TCSL training:

1. Appropriate difficulty. When choosing Chinese songs, we should choose songs with different difficulty for students at different levels.

Avoid grammatical mistakes. In order to cater to the melody of the song, many lyrics have been adjusted, resulting in the grammatical requirements of modern Chinese.

3. Rich in cultural connotation. In this way, learners can learn more about Chinese culture and develop their awareness of intercultural communication.

4. Rich types of songs. It can be diversified in the selection of songs, such as national songs, children's songs, pop songs, etc.

5. Targeted at teaching objects. In the selection of songs, we should try to combine the age, interest and occupation of teaching objects.

6. Songs with high repetition rate of lyrics can be rapped repeatedly to master words and sentences;

7. Other aspects. For example, avoid songs that involve political, religious and cultural differences.

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