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What do people in various countries pay attention to when giving gifts?

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What do people in various countries pay attention to when giving gifts?

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Due to the differences in cultural background and way of thinking, different countries and nations have different preferences and taboos in the exchange of gifts. The same thing can cause different reactions in different countries. If you receive a gift from a foreigner, it's best not to use your own country's standards to measure what the foreigner is saying. If you want to give gifts, the wuxi Chinese training has to pay special attention to every country give gifts are what!

In short, cross-cultural communication is reflected in all aspects of life, and a nation's culture and attitude can be seen through the small gift..

Japanese gift-giving?

Our neighbor Japan is a country with distinctive gift-giving culture. Maybe when we just met the Japanese, we would be surprised by the "Japanese pettiness". How can "a box of biscuits", "several candies" and "a pear" be given as gifts? However, with the understanding of Japanese institutions and customs, it will be found that this "stinginess" is also based on a law red line. Under Japanese law, corporate gifts to government officials are valued at no more than 5,000 yen, or about 300 yuan, which, according to today's wage differential between China and Japan, amounts to 50 yuan, more than a bribe. So when you give a little more expensive gift to the Japanese, they are scared!


Although the gift is not so valuable, but the packaging is always exquisite, will spend a lot of thought, carefully appreciate, such "gentleman's communication light as water" type gift culture also brought many benefits!

Korean gifts?

As for the Korean people, I don't think there is much difference between Korean gift culture and Chinese culture. Generally, Korean students will send Chinese friends cosmetics, health care products, or snacks brought from home, etc. The small difference may be that Chinese people pay more attention to what is sent, but Korean people pay more attention to "etiquette packaging" on this basis. The so-called "courtesy is light, affection is heavy" is also a kind of polite modesty for people in both countries. If the gift is really "too light", then people who receive the gift will have a sense of contempt. The boat of business friendship may turn upside down.

Arab gifts?

The arabs, on the other hand, are less interested in practical things, and more interested in fine art, especially the cute pets you can't afford to keep )

Arab religious belief has its own particularity, so we at the time of gifts, in addition to considering their preferences, more attention should be paid to their taboos, such as give arabs maotai is not the right thing to do, to bring the hostess gifts or women are printed on the gift gift, is likely to cause an unnecessary "war".

Americans give gifts?

I was a little surprised when my student came back from America and gave me a bottle of cold medicine. But his meaning was simple: this medicine is easy to use. It is very expensive in China, but cheap in America. So said, I suddenly felt from the other side of the ocean floating over a friendship.

When americans meet each other, gifts are often very simple, just a little show of affection. In business activities, gift-giving culture is also weakened. Negotiation is negotiation and dinner is dinner.

Europeans give gifts?

European people gives a gift to pay more attention to the savour of gift and simple sense, unlike probably the sort of lovely style that Asian people can choose, they choose commonly more practical a bit of romance, have the thing of good implied meaning, if bouquet, adorn article, perfume or make oneself cake are waited a moment, on anyhow packing must appear some of artistic atmosphere. There's a common sense in Europe and the United States of giving gifts that you don't accept gifts that are too expensive because it always makes them think you're offering them a bribe.

Gift culture and legal system, customs, etc from all countries are very closely linked, is not who rules or formed overnight, we have a saying in China "a gift to the heart in, in the process of dealing with foreigners, if they understand their gift culture, to choose their favorite gift, will get twice the result with half the effort!

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