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Korean language training in Wuxi: how to learn Korean well? Start with zero basis.

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Korean language training in Wuxi: how to learn Korean well? Start with zero basis.

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It takes a lot of effort to learn any language, and the so-called shortcut is nothing more than the experience of others. It allows beginners to take fewer detours, waste less time and money. It doesn't crash like a headless fly without a clue. Most of the people who want to learn Korean are influenced by the Korean Current. First of all, make sure that you are not a three-minute enthusiast, because any foreign language has its difficulty, no patience is not good. You have to stick to it to learn Korean well! Well, now that you're sure that you're not curious about learning it for a while, go ahead and look! How can anyone who's just started contacting Korean, including me, think so hard? I think the difficulty of Korean lies in three parts: the pronunciation part, the grammar part and the honorific part.

The difficulty of pronunciation is that it has many variations in sound, so it is difficult to bite. Beginners are advised not to stick to the computer to listen to the pronunciation of the website, or the old way - tape and repeater. (tape as far as possible, pronunciation will be clear, orthodox. Learning a foreign language, repeater is the most appropriate and most conservative tool. Listen and read again and again, and then compare with each other so that you can correct your pronunciation and learn pronunciation accurately and quickly. That's a little bit of my experience. Pronunciation is a big problem for me when I first started learning Korean. There are many letters and more pronunciation. How do we go back? I go back whenever I have time, but when I turn around, I forget, like a blind man, one by one, often confused, very headache. Later, I did not deliberately go back, but went straight to the study of words. When you see a word, you break it up into letters, and then you can pronounce it by pronunciation. Not only can the letters and letters be pronounced without recitation, but you can already see that you can read all kinds of complicated sentences immediately. It works very well.

The second problem is the grammar that I am still puzzling. The ending suffix of Korean is really dead. Don't let it frighten you. Although I am also having a headache, I can find out how to find a way. Go and buy a book. Don't rely on computers anymore. The website is used to consolidate and correct after learning, and can not rely on it to learn. Similar to Learn Korean for the Beginning, Easy to Learn Korean is an easy and practical book for beginners. In learning this book, the grammar and ending words mentioned in the book are recorded in a notebook in all categories. And then go back to the books and analyze the sentences. When you see a ending word, go to your notebook to find a record. It is not very difficult to remember these terminations because they are also separated by declarative sentences, interrogative sentences, exclamatory sentences and co-verb sentences. This time, the impression will be very deep slowly, do not need to recite, see a sentence immediately know what kind of end to follow, will also be translated by looking at the end of the sentence.

As for Wuxi Korean language training, or my old saying - Crazy Korean! As long as you see, anytime, anywhere, miss, shout out loud, don't be afraid of jokes (no one will laugh at you, there will be people admire you! ). With so many words, oral English is naturally excellent. So when you communicate with Koreans, you can show your language talent! Very proud, and will bring you the opportunity to work!

The third problem is the honorific part of Korean, which is also the most difficult part for us Chinese to learn, because there are very few honorific words in Chinese, and I can remember only one "you" word, can be replaced! But the grammar of honorific language in Korean is very complicated, but you should not be too anxious, because, Tongtong. After working part-time, you will feel a qualitative change.

After arriving in Korea, you can ask one or two friends to stroll around and say what they see, which is very helpful to improve the Korean language. If you have any problems in the process of learning Korean, you can talk about it, and I can help you!

As long as you have patience, perseverance, diligence, diligence and practice, beautiful Korean can still slip out of your mouth!

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