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How to choose Wuxi English training class? 3 ways to share it with you.

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How to choose Wuxi English training class? 3 ways to share it with you.

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With the development of English training in Wuxi, many parents pay more and more attention to children's English education, not only because English is a key subject in the college entrance examination, but also because English, as a universal language in the world, plays an important role in many fields. We also have a lot of children's English training institutions around us. How does the director choose the children's English training institutions?


I have found a strange phenomenon in life, that is, some parents completely did not take into account the actual learning situation of their children, blindly follow the trend of registration, resulting in unsatisfactory results in children's English training, but also lost interest in learning English. Faced with the various English training institutions in the market, as parents, how should we give children a good pass? I'm here to share some relevant experience, I hope to help you.

1. How about the teacher, because the current foreign teachers are uneven, a lot of foreign teachers in general English level, when we choose, we should first try to listen to the course, and then to understand how the teacher, so that the heart will be counted.

2. Training mode, now the most popular is one-to-one training of foreign teachers, because foreign teachers spoken English is more standard, more experienced in teaching English, there is a small child, if the beginning of foreign teachers to teach, after the children's oral English or English sense is better. It will be of great help to English learning in the future.

3. Whether there are audition courses, children are relatively small, parents have audition courses in these areas to try to see if the teacher's oral standards, whether really suitable for children to learn.

I think that's basically so much. Parents can also buy some other enlightenment items for their children at home, such as children's English songs, English maps, and some English cartoons for their children. This is also very helpful to children's English. The purpose of doing this is to let children listen to English, thorns. Stimulating children's language and stimulating their children's English learning talent.


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