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Wuxi Korean training Korean language teaches you to read Korean numeric.

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Wuxi Korean training Korean language teaches you to read Korean numeric.

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It is clear in Chinese that the Arabic numerals can be expressed in one way. In Wuxi Korean training, it is troublesome to use two pronunciations to express the Arabic numerals. So, what are the two ways to read Korean numerals?

1: Chinese numerals;

Chinese numerals, as the name implies, refer to the numeral words borrowed from Chinese. One or two, three or four, five or six, seven or eight, nine and ten are respectively. And what quantifiers do these Chinese numerals match? For example, such quantifiers as year, month, day, yuan, dong, layer, number, minute, second, school year, Hui, person, week, number line, etc., then these Chinese quantifiers correspond to Korean \.

2: inherent numerals;

The inherent numeral word is actually the numeral word invented by the Korean language itself. From one to ten Korean are respectively. What words do these numeral words match with those in Chinese? For example, age (), time (), hour (), time (), name (), bit (), person (), person (), only (), cup (,), sheet (), book (), branch (), piece (), bottle (), table (), double (), bowl (), box (), box (), Jin (), bag (), duo (), and so on.

So the biggest difference between Chinese numerals and intrinsic numerals is the following quantifiers. The quantifiers corresponding to each numeral word are equivalent to their ID number, which quantifiers use Chinese numerals and which quantifiers should use intrinsic numerals are distinguished. So when students learn Korean numeric, the key point is the use of these classifiers.


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